Download Mafia 2 PC Demo, Available From Steam

Mafia was one of the best third person crime action shooter, I played as a youngster. Unique gameplay elements, thrilling story with well scripted dialogues kept me interested. Well, that was past though. These days, one can’t be sure if the sequel won’t suck. We have already seen how it can turn out ‘God Father II’. So, to eliminate the fog of doubts, publisher 2K games have released a demo of the long in development sequel to this famous crime action game.

The Mafia 2 demo is set in the fictional city of Empire Bay in 1950’s. Where you “Vito Scaletta” and two of your buddies, Joe and Henry, have been assigned to take out the mobster known as “The Fat Man”. The full version of the game will be released on 24th August and will support nVidia’s PhysX game physics and 3D visuals.

You can download Mafia 2 PC Demo from Steam.For the Xbox 360, if you have Live Account then you can get it here.

Mafia 2 demo for Playstation 3 is available via Playstation store, initially only available to Playstation Plus users.