How to Play Alien Swarm Online on Tunngle

In case any of your friend doesn’t own any game at Steam and you are unable to invite him to your game, you are left with either dedicated server option or a VPN. When it comes to VPN, Tunngle owns everything to date. You can easily setup LAN game with your friends online via Tunngle, all you need to do is follow this guide.

Step 1
Download and Install Tunngle.

Step 2
Login to your Tunngle account.

Step 3
Click on the browser on the bottom left of Tunngle and choose the type of the game you want to play. In case of Alien Swarm “Shooters”, and then choose Alien Swarm room with Class C network. [Alien Swarm (C-Class Emu), is the network name]

Step 4
Join the Room and follow the instructions given below to host and join Alien Swarm game using Tunngle.

How to Host/Join Alien Swarm Server On Tunngle

Step 1
Update your game to the latest patch. Alternatively, the game will work if everyone of the players have the same patch.

To Know Your Alien Swarm Version of the Game
1. Open dev console.
2. Type “version”.
3. Update your game accordingly.

Step 2 | Host Alien Swarm Game
1. Open dev console.
2. Type “hostname (name of your game)” to setup the server name. Like if you put  “hostname SegmentNext” it will give you a Alien Swarm game server called “SegmentNext”.
3. Type “sv_allow_lobby_connect_only 0″ and hit enter.
4. Type “sv_lan 1″ and hit enter.
5. To fix any consistency errors your players may get, type “sv_consistency 0″.
6.  Type “map mapname” to setup a map for your server. Like “map segmentnextarena”

You can refer to Alien Swarm Dedicated Server Guide and Alien Swarm Console Commands for further help.

Step 3
Once the game is hosted, your friends will see your game hosted under Steam Group Servers. Click on the server and then click join to play that game.

You can refer to these Alien Swarm Guides to simplify/solve your issues.
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If you face any other issue, comment away.