Disciples 3 Renaissance Tips Tricks and Tweak Guide

Disciples 3 Renaissance is turn based strategy game developed .dat Akello Studio. We are already done with Disciples 3 Errors, Fix Guide, here are few tips tricks and tweak guide that you can use to configure disciples 3 to your own liking. There are few things that you can tweak right now including gameplay settings.

Stuck on Act VI (Cannot Find the Ruined Temple)

1. Take the ring to the tree (look at mini map, I think it was southeast corner of the map).
2. Take it back to the Undead.
3. The Undead remove the landslide.
4. If you found the temple, then you should approach the portal. When you do, you will have to battle a host of demons. Finish them off and again approach the portal.

Unable to Find Johann IV’s Residence on Map 2
Solution: It is located north east of the town you left Inoel in. There is usually a glowing spot on the map indicating where you should go to complete your objective, if you don’t see it try reloading an earlier save.

How to Use Manual Cover and Resist Critical Hits
Cover triggers when an opponent moves into a hex to attack one of your units, where the hex the opponent is in, when it does so, is adjacent to one of your other units with at least one cover point.

As soon as this happens, if you have ‘manual-cover’ turned on, your unit with cover will get a green circle around its feet. The game will pause, and in the bottom left of the screen, you’ll see two icons. One with a shield and a green checkmark, the other with a shield and a red X.

If you click the green checkmark, you consume the point of cover. This effectively has that unit get a free attack on the enemy, which also taunts it to him. Thus covering your friendly. The enemy still attacks that turn, but it attacks the guardian unit that provided cover.

If you have ‘auto-cover’ turned on, all of this occurs automatically. Manual is better as you can decide when to spend your cover points. You may want to save them.

Some units have more than one cover point. There are abilities, like Relentless Defender, which recover spent cover points.

How to Avoid Critical Hits
Attacking units use Dexterity. Defending units use Agility. If Dex of the attacker is equal to the Agility of the defender, it is a guaranteed hit, but 0% chance of scoring a critical hit. As the Agility of the defender gets higher than the dexterity of the attacker, then the attacker has a % chance to miss.

As the Agility of the defender gets lower than the Dexterity of the attacker, then the attacker has a % chance to critical hit.

When you mouse over an opponent while you have one of your units selected, it will show you in the tool tip window top-centre what your miss/critical hits odds are for that unit.

So long story short, increase your Agility to avoid getting critted.

How to make Faster Movement on Global Map
First locate file user.ini in system folder e.g. “H:\Program Files\Kalypso\Disciples III\System” and make a copy.

Find this line.

float fGlobalTimeScale = 1.000000;
and change the multpiplier i set it to
float fGlobalTimeScale = 2.500000; and its ok.

Its not rather the movement speed but time multiplier so it also affect speed of all movement e.g. leaves, fires etc.

float fGlobalMapAPScale = 1.000000; >> this is multiplier for movement points so if u want to travel far during your turn , tweak it up to 2.0.

How to Change Movement Speed of your Leader

Go to Profile folder, open up demons_leader-counselor.char or whatever leader you want to change.

move_speed 10;
shadowbox -5, -2, -5, 5, 5, 5;
shadowz 15;
nodesx 1;
nodesz 1;

#include “desc\\demons_devil_desc.char”;
#include “sound\\demons_devil_sound.char”;
#include “stats\\demons_devil_stats.char”;

Change the move_speed to 10

How to Unlock Holy Statue Unit
The Holy statue is the structure. The unit you can get using this structure should be Holy Avenger or sth like that. Should be buyable in the campaign mission named “blizzard”.

Disciples 3 Renaissance Hotkeys
Esc – menu.
F1 – video lessons.
F9 – save a screenshot (in your DisciplesIII install folder, shot_xxxx.tga);
Space – complete the turn (at the tactical arena – protection).
WASD – move the camera.
Up arrow – rotate the camera on the “north”.
Ctrl – analogue clicking the mouse wheel.
Alt – highlight active objects and loot.
Page Dn/Up – Zoom Up/Down.
RMB – a window of information about any object or character (press and hold).
Shift + RMB – leaves open the window “Information about the character / unit”.(on the window button appears on the “Close”).
Arrows to the left / right – turn the camera to the left / right.
Wheel Mouse – camera control (rotation – bring / remove, with the click wheel you can rotate the camera).
Alt + F4 – Quick finish game and exit desktop (even in combat).

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