Crackdown 2 Tips and Tricks, Glitches, and Exploits Guide

Crackdown 2 has a lot of tough achievements, but also a lot of exploits, and glitches that can be put to good use in order to get these tough achievements. You can read this Crackdown 2 Guide to know all the tips tricks, glitches and in-game exploits that have been found until now.

Crackdown Tips and Tricks

If you are having trouble finding helicopters then you should know that there are 4 helicopters docked at Agency Island.

Therefore, in order to get a new helicopter, spawn yourself at the Agency Island and keep jumping the building beside you, until you see 4 helicopters docked on a helipad above water.

Just jump to the helipad by activating your wingsuit and select the chopper of your choice, as there are two types to choose from. You should keep in mind that you could not use a chopper until you reach Agility level 5.

How to Make a Collection of Cars

It is simple! You get into a car and take it to the Agency garage. The gate will open if a particular vehicle can be impounded.

When the gate opens, enter it into the garage and then get out. This car will be added in your collection. You need to know that not all cars can be impounded.

How to Use the Wingsuit

You can use Wingsuit once you reach the agility level 5. After you get your Wingsuit, you need to learn how to use it for better use.

You can jump a long distance using this suit without touching the ground. It feels as if you are flying like a bird once you master how to use it.

In the beginning, you might find it hard to jump covering small or no distances with your jumps but as the game progresses, you will notice that you are able to jump longer distances.

It is not magic, of course, instead, it is due to the experience you gain and because of the fact that you get used to it.

If you need to learn it quickly then you should start jumping from buildings with high altitude like the Agency Tower. When you jump, activate your wingsuit and you will see the blue trails. Trails will get red when you are about to fall rapidly.

When the trail starts turning red you should press, “Push Down” which will make you ascend and the trail will be blue again.

You will have to jump for multiple times to perfect it and once you perfect it, you can unlock various achievements related to wingsuit like City Glider.

Smokestack Orbs

You can find certain orbs on top of smokestacks and these are severely hard to reach. You can use a helicopter to get up there once the Agency Tower is unlocked. Just hover above the smokestacks to collect the orbs.

Renegade Agility Orbs

Similar to the previous tip, simply enter a helicopter at the Agency Tower and hover above the Orb. Jump out (make sure you have the wingsuit) and drop down to collect Orb.

Trucks Can Boost

If you have been wondering how a truck can be boosted? Then you should know that it could be boosted when you reach level 4 stars. Horn (B) is replaced by Turbo Boost functionality.

How to Get the Harpoon Gun

In order to get a Harpoon Gun, you must reach level 4 in firearms. This gun is really fun to use.

Yippee-Kai-Yay Achievement

You can get this achievement in the easiest possible manner. All you need to do is, crash an SUV with a chopper with your partner.

Therefore, if you want to get this achievement, you had better do it with your partner rather than trying it alone. Your friend needs to get an agency helicopter and then you both should head towards a Cliffside path. Get an SUV and find yourself a ramp.

Now ask your partner to stay still just after the ramp. Now, if you hit the ramp with appropriate speed, you will hit the chopper and once you do that, you will earn this achievement.

You may have to try two or three times adjusting the runway of your SUV and the angle for hitting the ramp.

Scarface Achievement

You have to kill 20 enemies in 10-second time using a minigun to get this achievement. Seems tough but it actually is not that difficult, there are multiple ways to do that.

The easiest way is that you simply deploy in an agency buggy and find a place full of enemy freaks like a long road at night or a coastal area may be.

Then all you have to do is blast, get in the buggy and blast them off with vehicle’s built-in minigun. You can also see the link showing an alternate method.

Trick to Finishing the “Impossible” Mission

There is a mission at the location “Shai Gen” tower on the tactical map where you need to kill enemies standing on the tower without leaving a beacon because if you do leave the designated position, you fail the mission.

At first, it does look as if it is impossible for a solo, especially when you do not have agility level 5 but actually, it is not. It’s true that in the cooperative mod, it is quite easy to beat as one player can stay on beacon while other can clear the mess, but it can also be cleared in single player with a little bit of strategy.

Make sure that you have agility level 5 for that otherwise, it will be almost impossible to beat the mission. All you need to do is jump the side building while still looking at the tower.

You can shot the enemies down once you reach their level. It may look simple but it is not and you may have to try for a couple of times to successfully do the trick.

Otherwise, you can also use a chopper to do that. Make sure that you keep the chopper closest to the tower and you can get rid of those annoying enemies at the top.

Exploits and Glitches

Joystick Glitch
There has been an issue that when you pause the game using any joystick and get back to the game after some time, you can’t use any key except for the one that makes your character move back.

Possible reasons told for this problem is either a modded console or a pirated disk. Well if you do not have any of the above-mentioned problems, then updating the system can solve the problem.

You can also apply the latest patch to get rid of the problem.

Car Jump Exploits
There are some interesting car jumps in Crackdown 2. For example, you can jump from one moving car to another car moving in the opposite direction.

Furthermore, you can car jump with your partner by jumping on top of a flipped civilian vehicle while the driver has the pedal to the floor. These exploits a bit hard to perform and usually a hell of practice is required.

Sometimes, you cannot reproduce it again after you did it once. Therefore, if you are determined enough, you can perform them at least for once.

Speed Glitch
This is a very interesting glitch, to perform it you need to have high strength so that you can use the running charge attack.

Use the charge and while running try to hit an object on an angle so that the object rotates and hits you in the back. When the objects hit you, you will be running even faster than the cars for some time.

Which objects to hit it? Agency Buggy and Glass Bus Stops are best.

Infinite Ammo
This little glitch only works if you have another player helping you out. Get on a turret start shooting and have your co-op buddy knock you off mid-fire.

By the time you have stood up again, you will notice that your ammo and grenade capacity is infinite. Go nuts with your firepower.

Orb Locator Exploit
Pushing ^ on the D-Pad activates the in-game orb locator, but you can get an even better look at their location by pausing and immediately unpausing the game, then pushing ^.

This cause the map to briefly show an aerial view that shows more orb locations.

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