How to Play Far Cry 2 on Hamachi

Far Cry was one of the best FPS game of its time.Far Cry 2 did great and was appreciated a lot by the fans. Far Cry 2 features multiplayer  LAN support so can be played on Hamachi and Tunngle. You can follow this guide to play Far Cry 2 multiplayer on Hamachi.

Step 1| Hamachi Priority in Network Connections
It is important that your Hamachi adapter is in priority list in network connections.You can do it by navigating to Control Panel>Network Connections>Advanced>Advanced Settings.
Make sure that Hamachi is at the top in the list. It will ask for a restart so you must restart the system for the changes to take effect.

Step 2| Connection Settings
Once your PC is restarted and log back into Hamachi and check the connection settings in the preferences menu. Goto “Detailed Configuration” or “Advanced Configuration” and put the UDP and TCP port numbers as 9004.
Tabs for both the ports are closed by default.You need to tick the box to enter these ports. This step is necessary for those who are behind the router. Also make sure your proxy is set to “Internet browser settings”

Step 3|Hosting the Game
Now start the game, go to multiplayer and make an offline account.Now you can host any game mode and wait for your friends to join in.

Step 4| Joining the Game
If you have done everything right, by now you should be able to see the hosted game in the list. It is very important that you select the same game mode in which the game is being hosted like “Deathmatch” or “Team Deathmatch”. Also make sure that you are in the same network with the host on Hamachi.

Double click the hosted game in the list and you will be in the game.

Since the game was released before version 2 of Hamachi, so I suggest you use the latest version from v1 series like It can work with the latest series too but you may find it difficult tweaking the connection settings.

If you are facing connections drop or errors while loading even after you have set the priority sequence of network connections, try forwarding UDP and TCP 9004 ports.

You can post your questions and problems here.We will try to figure them out.