How to Play Sniper Ghost Warrior on Tunngle

Sniper Ghost Warrior is a modern first person shooter based mainly on stealth sniping, has multiplayer online as well as LAN support. Good graphics, and multiplayer part of the game makes it an ideal place for sniping lovers. Hosting/playing the game on Tunngle is fairly easy as compared to Hamachi, all you need to do is port forward and you are good to go.

How to Play Sniper Ghost Warrior on Tunngle

Step 1
Download and install Tunngle on your computer.Once installed,make an account on it and login through that account in case you don’t have one.

Step 2
Make sure everyone of your friends has the same game version.

Step 3
Port forward UDP 11155 if you are behind a router.Find how to do that for the specific router you are using on

Step 4
Now you can either enter a room and play with the other players or can create your own room and invite your friends to join in Tunngle. Once all the players are in the same room in Tunngle. You will be able to see any game hosted on LAN by any of those players.

Step 5

To host a LAN game,Start the game and go to Multiplayer > LAN and then create a game.Others should be able to see your hosted game. Once everyone has joined in, click “Start Game”.

When it comes to Tunngle, it doesn’t get much simpler. If you have some issues playing the game on Tunngle, you can try Sniper Ghost Warrior on Hamachi.