How to Play Sniper Ghost Warrior on Hamachi

Sniper Ghost Warrior is a tactical sniper first person shooter, developed by City Interactive, and its good. Good graphics, LAN support, dedicated server support and multiplayer class system makes it an ideal replacement for Sniper Elite, famous game of this genre till now. Sniper Ghost Warrior has LAN support, so you can play in on virtual LAN using either Hamachi or Tunngle or any other virtual network adapter. You can follow this guide to setup a local game using Hamachi.

How to Play Sniper Ghost Warrior on Hamachi

Step 1
Install the new version of Hamachi and make sure your friends have the same version installed.

Step 2
Reconfigure your Network Connection to make it detect Hamachi first.

Step 3

For XP Users
Go to All Programs > Accessories > Communications > Network Connections. Go to the menu > Advanced > Advanced Settings. Now under Adapters and Bindings tab, move Hamachi to the top of the list.

Restart your PC.

For Vista/Win7 Users

Go to Start menu > Network, click on the Network and Sharing Center button at the top. Click on  “Manage Network Connections” on the left hand side and then  go to Advanced > Advanced Settings. Under the Adapters and Bindings tab, move Hamachi to the top of the list.

Restart your PC.

Make Hamachi in Vista/Windows 7  ‘Private Network’
If you’re running Vista ensure that Hamachi appears in the ‘Network and Sharing Center’ as a ‘Private Network’ .
If it doesn’t, then press customize and set it to ‘Private Network’.

Step 4

XP Users
Go to Local Area Networks, right click on Hamachi, and open its Properties. In properties select TCP/IPv4, and click on Properties tab below. In the properties windows, click on Advanced tab at the bottom of the window, Now in IP Settings tab, go to the bottom and add 10 in  “Interface Metric”.

Vista/Win7 Users
Go to Network and Sharing Center, on the right side, click on Adapter Settings, here you will find the Hamachi Network. Right click on it to proceed to its properties, in its properties select TCP/IPv4 and go to its properties, there click on Advanced tab at the bottom and move on its advanced settings. In IP Settings tab of advanced settings of TCP/IPv4, go to the bottom of the window, and add “10? in “Interface Metric”. Disable TCP/IPv6, untick it in the Hamachi properties.

Step 5
Create a network, tell your friends to join the same network.

Step 6
Host a Sniper Ghost Warrior LAN game and your friends will be able to join that game.

Note: Game should be hosted on Win7/Vista in order for person on Windows XP to join the game.

Enjoy the game, its really fun, but stealth elements sometimes make it frustrating but that’s only for people like me, who don’t have much patience. If you face any issues in hosting/connecting to the game, do let me know in comments.