Transformers War for Cybertron Review, A Lazy PC Port

We have seen many times before that most of the games based on any movie or cartoon series don’t get much fame. Transformers series is no exception but developers have succeeded in making Transformers War of the Cybertron an exception. The game has got all the contents to be one among the best third person shooters but, for consoles not for PC.

The Story
Game starts with the war between brothers, where Decepticons and Autobots are fighting to conquer the planet they live on, the Cybertron. Game has two campaigns, you have to play Decepticons first before you can experience Autobots campaign.

First campaign features StarScream trying to deter the newly discovered power by Megatron “Energon” while in the AutoBots campaign its Optimus Prime, who acts as the leader after the death of the current Autobot leader.

The Graphics
Full marks for graphics and special effects. Rapid transformations and the robotic environment makes you feel like more or less like a robotic beast. Although one would argue that the environment look more or less similar to Earth. Like the size of the buildings compared to Robots, is small. Did you notice that ?

The Sound
Loved the sound during transformation which has been restored perfectly in the game.Sounds of metal splashing, friction and the grudges of robots are as good as ever.

The Multiplayer
Multiplayer of the game features a 3 player co op mode where each player can control one special type of robot. While in single player campaign 2 among the three are controlled by Al. Other than this, multiplayer mods like” Deathmatch” “Team Death Match” and “Capture the flag” are there if you want to compete with other players online.

Now few things that made this awesome looking game, a trash bucket.

The Controls
Controls are not convenient to say the least, keyboard keys can’t be remapped as the game doesn’t allow you to edit your controls. When you plug in your controller, the game will automatically map the buttons, which can result into horrible controls.
The game has X-axis and Y-axis sensitivity differences, Y-axis seem to be more sensitive then X-axis. I don’t know who to blame for this blunder. In response to this issue, few folks found a workaround to customize controls, but its sad that even after paying for the game, one has to opt for third party applications to edit controls.

No LAN Support
Transformers War For Cybertron has no LAN support. It features an online lobby system, similar to Modern Warfare 2. It turns out, you will be playing with people online on random selection, and yeah lag will be there.

30 FPS Locked
The game is locked at 30 FPS, it means, it doesn’t matter how powerful your machine is, you won’t be enjoying fast smoother online gameplay experience. Developer argues that the game is well optimized to play with 30 FPS, but why lock it? atleast give me a chance to unleash the power of ATI HD 5870.

No Tweaking, Config Files Encrypted
In case you were hoping to manually bypass these limits, surprise surprise, the configuration files for the game are encrypted, so don’t bother.

No In-Game Chat

I can’t believe it, the game doesn’t support either text or in-game  voice chat feature. What on Earth, High Moon Studios were thinking ?

No Dedicated Server Support

Transformers War For Cybertron won’t have any dedicated servers.

No Graphic Config
You can’t configure your graphics in Transformers War For CyberTron.

No Mouse Acceleration On/Off Option

Game doesn’t have any option to switch on/off mouse acceleration.

No Ping Listing
During multiplayer online gameplay, you won’t know at what ping you are playing as the game doesn’t show any ping listing or bars which indicate whether you are in green playable zone or red unplayable zone.

Only Two MP Game Modes

Transformers War For CyberTron has only two multiplayer game modes, Team Death Match, and Capture the Flag.

PC version of the game will have no DLC.

It makes me sad and angry, they did so much for consoles and failed to provide proper PC support.