Transformers WFC Has No LAN Support So, No Hamachi or Tunngle

Transformers War For Cybertron, best adaption to the “Transformers” comic video game series but one of the worst console ports to PC in so many ways. We have already talked about bugs and common errors in this game. Its controls, which you can’t customize by default but we have this workaround to remap keyboard controls.

Another thing that is missing from the game is its LAN support for PC. It’s very unfortunate that the game has no LAN support whatsoever. You can’t play a network game, which basically means two things.

You can’t enjoy this game during LAN parties, can’t play its co-op with your friends, as the game’s lobby system selects your partner randomly online. As it has no LAN support, you can’t play it on Hamachi or Tunngle, the two most used virtual network adapters.

No Online LAN play, no local network game, which is really sad. I don’t know when publishers like Activision do that, it really make me think of what the future of PC gaming. As it seems developers and publishers now intentionally make hold PC game back which is sad, these are the core features of the PC gaming if you don’t want to add them then why bother releasing it on PC.

The game has Online Multiplayer, but that is as I said earlier more like Modern Warfare 2 online random “Best”  host selection system. Here is Gameplay footage of Transformers War For CyberTron featured on On Spot, and see what you will miss out on.

Tell us what you think about this, and what lies ahead.