How to Customize Transformers War For CyberTron Keys ‘Controls’

Here is a short guide on Transformers War for CyberTron Controls that will help you find all the information you will need to freely customize your controls in the game.

Transformers War for CyberTron Controls Guide

Transformers War For CyberTron for PC is one of the worst Unreal Engine 3 powered games.

Configuration files can’t be tweaked as they are encrypted. It is 30 FPS locked but, well optimized. Long list of bugs, and the worst comes in your inability to customize or remap controls on PC. After aggressive negative word of mouth campaign for Modern Warfare 2 by PC community, It is the worst Activision+High Moon Studios could come up with.

Anyway few guys on steam forums have found a workaround which enables to remap your keyboard keys in Transformers War For CyberTron using Autohotkey application. Read the detailed guide below to be able to customize and remap your keyboard controls in Transformers War For CyberTron.

Controls Customization Guide

1. You will need to download AutoHotKey, which is free and can be downloaded from their official link.
2. Install AutoHotKey..
3. Open notepad.
4. Create a script (Read the guide below on how you can do that).
5. Save the script as “NameItAnything.ahk”. You need to save the text file in which you entered a script in .ahk extension so make sure to change the “Save as type” in Notepad to all files so that you can change the extension.
6. Double click the script to activate it.

How to Make Arrow Keys Function as “WASD”

^!s::Suspend ; Press Ctrl+Alt+S to Suspend. Press it again to resume.

Just copy the above blockquote, paste it in a text file, and save it in “.ahk” extension. You can change these controls to your own liking and execute the script to your own liking.

Using AutoHotKey With Multiple Programs
If you want to use autohotkey for multiple programs or use it for multiple games with different binds, you can use this script.

#MaxThreadsPerHotkey 3 ; Need this to allow two key press threads to run at same time
#IfWinActive, Transformers: War for Cybertron ; The title of the Program’s window

It means that the application will switch to the binds for Transformers War For CyberTron, when that window is active. If you want to use it for different game or program, just replace Transformers War For CyberTron with the windows title.

Transformers War For CyberTron Default Controls

Move: WASD or Arrow Keys
Look: Mouse
Swap Weapons: PGDN/PGUP or Mouse wheel
Aim/Detonate Grenade: Right Mouse Button
Fire: Left Mouse Button
Melee: Middle Mouse or Q
Ability 1: Shift
Ability 2: Control
Jump: Space
Look At: B
Kill Streak (MP): B
Interact, Pick up, Revive: E
Add to Generator: E
Change Form: F
Throw Grenade: G
Detach Turret: G
Reload: R
Scoreboard (MP): Tab
Pause: Escape

Speed Boost: Right Mouse
Flip: Shift

Speed Boost: Right Mouse
Roll Start: Shift
Hover Up: C
Hover Down: V

Speed Boost: Right Mouse
Ram: Shift

Speed Boost: Right Mouse
Quick Turn: Shift

For the vehicle modes, listed commands are only that are different from the robot mode.

AutoHotKey Reference Guide

The variables for the mouse keys in AHK are:
LButton – Left mouse button
MButton – Middle mouse button
RButton – Right mouse button
XButton1 – Fourth mouse button
XButton2 – Fifth mouse button

How to Change Mouse Controls With AutoHotKey


How to Make “F” Melee and “C” Transform

^!s::Suspend ; Press Ctrl+Alt+S to Suspend. Press it again to resume.

Sample Script For Customize Transformers War For CyberTron Controls

^!s::Suspend ; Press Ctrl+Alt+S to Suspend. Press it again to resume.
f::MButton ; “f” activates melee
LShift::f ; Left Shift activates transform
XButton1::LControl ; Mouse button 4 (forward?) activates ability
XButton2::LShift ; Mouse button 5 (backward?) activates 2nd ability
t::b ; “t” activates kill streakes
e::g ; “e” throws the grenade
q::e ; “q” is the use key

1. Run AutoHotKey as an administrator in Vista and Windows 7 or the keys won’t work.
2. When writing script, make sure you use lowercase letters.
3. For references visit AutoHotKey official site.

Thanks, Guys Who Contributed For This Workaround

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