Risk Factions Classic Strategy Board Game For Xbox Live Arcade

Risk Factions is a downloadable board game for Xbox 360, that will be joining the Microsoft online platform “Xbox Live Arcade”  tomorrow June 23. Risk Factions is based on Hasbro’s popular classic board game “Risk”.

Risk Factions will feature both singleplayer and multiplayer modes, with singleplayer mode focusing on teaching players about the basics of the game, and multiplayer mode allowing players to play with up to 5 of their friends online.

Singleplayer mode features 5 chapters, on completion each chapter unlocks one of the 5 factions in the game. Gameplay of Risk Factions is based on 2008 rule set “Players must complete three objectives and have control of their capital to win the game”.

Newly added features that were not part of the 2008 rule set are Overkills, Factions Abilities, and Dynamic Terrain. Overkills are awarded to players who roll two or three sixes in a row, if a player rolls two sixes, he destroys half of the opponent’s units in battle. If a player rolls three sixes, he destroys all of the units of his opponent.

Risk Factions Faction Overview

Lead by General William P. “Fatty” MC. Gutterpants. American General who loves Pets, and can be seen with one of his pet dogs.

Lead by Chairman Meow, a Hispanic sounding cat dressed like Mao Zedong. Cats launches attack on Human Faction, after Humans dropped a mortar on her country accidentally and refused to apologize.

Lead by Commandant SixFour, an untested automated defense system made by humans. Due to its obsolete technology it can’t differentiate friend from foe, and declares war on other factions.

Lead by Colonel Claus Von Stiffenberg, a hook and eye patch wearing zombie who declares war on other factions after he loses his eye and hand to a panicked soldier while try to declare Zombies come in peace. Presumably he was ordinary man mutated by an experimental bio weapon launched by Commandant SixFour.

Lead by his excellency Gary, a Buddhist like Yeti monk with jovial attitude like Dalai Lama. He joins the war right after Humans leader General MC. Gutterpants asks his help to restore peace. Instead of helping in an effort to bring all factions to peace, he joins the war.

Traditional World Map Mode
EA Hasbro keeping in mind the fanatical followers of this classic board game, included a traditional mode “World Map Conquest”, which has classic gameplay of the board game excluding factions.

Risk Factions is much anticipated title of the board gamers, and level of expectations is very much high, we will have to wait and see how it goes, when the game is released tomorrow and we try it.