How to Transfer Your Data From Old Xbox 360 to New Xbox 360 Slim

We have been hearing all the exciting stuff about the new slim version of Xbox 360 and Kinetic technology launched by Microsoft at this years E3. Now lets get to something that you need to take care of in case you buy Xbox 360 Slim.
It is about how you should transfer your data from your old Xbox 360 to the new Xbox 360 Slim. If your data is small enough to be transferred via a USB stick then you are good as both the versions of console do contain a USB port.
But if your data is way out of reach of a USB stick then you should following this guide to transfer your saved games and data from old Xbox 360 to new Xbox 360 Slim.

Step 1| Get a USB transfer cable
To transfer large data safely, you need to buy a USB transfer cable that actually connects the console’s hard drive to the USB port of the destination console.It will cost $19 to buy the whole kit, you can have it from Microsoft.

Step 2| Remove the Hard Drives Form the Consoles
Now you need to take out both the hard drives from your consoles.I don’t think that you are stupid enough that you will take them out with power being on.

Anyway heads up,  switch them off before taking them out.
If you don’t know how to remove hard drives from your console don’t worry as it is as simple as removing any hard drive form a computer.

Just open your console and take the device just near the button labeled HDD.You can remove it just by pressing the button on it.

Step 3| Connect the controller
Once you have removed your drives, connect only one controller to the Xbox 360 Slim for the on screen follow up. Now connect your older hard drive with the tool kit and its other port with the USB port of Xbox 360 Slim.

Step 4|Copying Data
Once you have connected the kit and the controller, insert the CD provided with the kit and follow the instructions and your data will be copying in a few minutes time.The process may take from few minutes to more than an hour depending upon the data you have on your hard drive.

Once your data is copied you can unplugged the kit and you are done with the transfer.

1. What if any error occurs during the transfer?
It is not usual but if any error pops up during the copy, restarting the process may help you.

2. What about my old saved games?
All the save games you played will be over written, once data transfer is completed.So don’t play any games before you transfer your old saved games. Or you can back them Up using USB stick.

3. What about the rental downloaded movies?
Well they wont be transferred so you will have to forget about them.

4. Is the destination and source Hard Drive’s size important?
Yes it is.Make sure that the destination hard drive is equal or bigger from the source one.That should not be a problem if you are going with the slim version as it offers a 250 GB hard drive with it.

You can ask any other problem you are facing during the transfer and we will try to resolve the issue.