Mass Effect 2 Overlord DLC Looking Good

The much anticipated DLC initially to be released in June is out now .Mass Effect 2 Overlord offers five new planets featuring endless battle with  “Geth”. Overlord  begins with a Cerberus facility where experimentation on Geth goes wrong and Shepherd arrives to investigate the cause of the problem. The soul survivor on the ship, Dr. Archer tells Shepherd about so called “Project Overlord” and your primary goal is  set up that is to infiltrate the final locked location on the map, which used to be a Cerberus facility now controlled by some AI. Have a look at it’s  video.

So if you have been looking for some more of commander Shepherd then this is specially for you.You can buy this content for 560 Microsoft points or $7/£4.80. Just an easy way of earning from games like Mass Effect which can be easily extended and BioWare are expert at that.