Plants vs Zombies Cheats, Tips, and Strategy Guide

Plants vs Zombies is a tower defense game developed and published by PopCap Games.You play as Crazy Dave, a home owner who tries to repel waves after waves of zombies by planting different varieties of plants in his lawn. Plants vs Zombies is available on PC, iPhone, Mac and is in development for Xbox 360. Here are cheats, tips and strategy guide for the game, which you will find useful in fighting hords of zombies and protect Dave’s home.

Plants vs Zombies Cheat Guide
Enter these cheat codes at any time while playing Plants vs Zombies, but remember some cheats require your tree of wisdom to be at certain height before they can be activated.

Cheat Effect
future Give Zombies Futuristic Shades.
Mustache Zombies Now Have Mustaches.
pinata A shower of candy when a zombie dies.
trickedout Alternate Lawn Mower appearance.
sukhbir Toggles the zombie’s call for brains-sound.
daisies Zombies leave small daisies behind when killed.
dance Zombies dance.
tohot Infinite Sun.
slowboke Makes zombie walk slowly.

Now how to earn all the achievements that are in game ? here is Plants vs Zombies Achievement Guide for you.

Plant vs Zombies Achievement Guide
You will be able to get following achievements if you complete the task specified.

Achievement How to Unlock
Ask Me About Mustache Mode Enable Mustache Mode.
Better Off Dead Get a streak of over 10 in I, Zombie Endless.
China Shop Get to a streak of 15 in Vasebreaker Endless.
Cryptozombologist Discover the top secret zombie.
Explodonator Blow up 10 zombies with a single cherry bomb.
Home Lawn Security Complete adventure mode.
Immortal Get to 20 flags in Survival Endless.
Morticulturalist Collect all 49 plants.
Nobel Peas Prize Get the golden sunflower trophy.
Spudow! Blow up a zombie using a potato mine.
Towering Wisdom Grow the Tree of Wisdom to 100 feet.
Walk This Way Hypnotize the lead dancer zombie.

Plants vs Zombies Tips

1. Start with building a lot of sunflowers and less defenses, it is to accumulate as much as sun energy as you can. You can use this accumulated power in the later stages of the game.
2. Cob Cannons although take two spaces, but are very valuable as they are can be a remedy to Gargantuars.
3. Keep a track of your sun power, and place upgrade plants that you plan to use, don’t waste your sun power on every other upgrade plant.
4. Don’t use your favorite plants over and over, try to mix things up, this will work to your advantage.

5.Early Fast Plant Growth
Disable full screen, go to your Zen Garden,feed your plants, after feeding normally it takes 30 min to feed them again. Now you need to feed them again early, for that you will have to change your system time to earlier, this will increase the growth of the plants. Tip  by Rehman Nawaf

6.Easy Money
Open file user# in your Profile folder by a text editor ( # is the number of game and Profile folder in a main folder of the game)
In line 0008 and 0009 change the value by “FF” you will get more than 650.000$, and in line 0010 you change the value by “01” and you will get more or less 999.990$. Tip by Mr. Loney Vong

7. Final Boss Counter
When you will face the final boss in the game, you will come up against its massive fire and ice balls. They destroy every plant that comes in their path, basically whole row of plants. You can destory the Iceball with a Chilli Pepper in the row and destroy the fireball, with an Iceshroom with a coffee bean.

8. New Seed Selection
If you don’t like the card from Crazy Dave, exit and restart the game, and they will change being random.

9. While in fog, if you don’t have lantern as in World#4, use torchwood as it shows the area infront of it.

Plants vs Zombies Strategy Guide

Use Instant Kill Plants Effectively
Instant kill plants in the game are those which kill zombies almost instantaneously in their area of effect. These include:

  1. Cherry Bombs
  2. Jalapeno
  3. Potato Mines
  4. Squash
  5. Tangle Kelp
  6. Doom Shroom
  7. Blover

Cherry Bombs destroy zombies in small radius, use it to deal with the cluster of zombies, its very effective for those situations. Jalapeno destroys zombies in a lane, and also melts down the ice paths, so its important to use Jalapeno effectively and not over use it.

Potato Mines kill a single land zombie and underground miners but the drawback is Potato Mines take very long to ready up. Even with this disadvantage, Potato Mines are must have for many stages as they offer you, your first line of defense. It gives you time to build sunflowers rather then dealing with every single zombie attacker. Also you don’t want to use Peashotter for a zombie when you can do the same with Potato mine, saving 75 sun on the way.

Squash destroys all zombies in a grid provided they are close enough to each other so it requires precision. Tangle Kelp kills water zombies but the draw back is, it takes very long to cool down.

Doom Shroom is a very powerful zombie killer as it can kill an entire wave of zombies if only it is planted at the right time. Drawback of doom shroom comes as inability to plant at the same spot it was planted for a certain amount of time, as it leaves a hole at that spot.

Attack Plants
Attack Plants attack the zombies at will, Plants vs Zombies has many different attack plants with unique abilities, which can be utilized at different levels. Attack Plants include:

  1. Repeaters
  2. Threepeater
  3. Snow Pea
  4. Gloom Shroom
  5. Melon-Pult
  6. Cob Launcher

Repeaters shoot two peas at once, you can use them effectively behind torch woods. You can upgrade it to gatling pea and it will shoot 4 fireballs at once. Very effective  defense against zombies in a lane unless they are  Gargantuars.

Threepeaters shoot three peas at once, one in the lane, one above lane and one below lane. During early levels especially pool levels, when you are guarding six lanes at a time, threepeaters come handy along with torchwoods.

SnowPea is a slow attacking plant but very useful. It doesn’t seem to work well with torchwoods so don’t bother.

GloomShroom is a short range, fast attacker, with the ability to fire in all directions, it is devastating when combined with pumpkin and garlic.

Melon-Pult is a slow, persistent attacker, can do high damage, very effective against screen doors zombies and snorkel zombies.

Cob Launcher is a very powerful weapon in the game, ultra high damage but very slow cool down and that said you have to operate it yourself.

Strategic Plants
Strategic plants are very useful in game plants that either enhance your ability or decrease the ability of zombies to work to your advantage, these include:

  1. Magnet Shroom
  2. Wallnut
  3. Tallnut
  4. Pumpkin
  5. Spikeweed
  6. Spikerock

Magnet Shroom removes stuff from buckets to pogo sticks, reduces the zombie defense powers, and also hinders their special abilities. On upgrade, provides you with the money.

Walnut, Tallnut, and Pumpkin are the special plants when used in combo with attack plants greatly increase their ability and strike power. They are essential to the game and are required at almost every level of the game.

Spikeweed and Spikerock are both very important when it comes to handling the tough guys. Spikeweed is effective against Bungees zombies, and Spikerock is effective against Gargantuars.

World#1 Strategy Tips
Its basically a tutorial world of the game, very easy, plant as many plants as you can, but make sure you have peashotters for defense and sunflowers to accumulate sun power.

World#2 Strategy Tips
Sun will no longer fall from the sky, and zombies arise from graves in this level, setup up some shrooms, Puff Shrooms and Sun Shrooms. When you have them all set, start with peashooters and repeaters for defenses, and try to take the zombies down early in the level. Also you can find some good stuff from the graves zombie arose.

World#3 Strategy Tips
Things are tough in this stage of the game, setup defenses in each lane and make sure each lane is equally strong. Try lilipades, cattails, and have at your disposals walnuts and cherry bombs in case needed. Don’t forget to setup peashooters and repeaters, buy some pool cleaners, they will make your life easier.

World#4 Strategy Tips
Now you would be seeing the half screen before you get lantern which will again enable the full screen in game. Things become tough with the half screen though, anyway use cattails, and you will be all fine. Use sunflowers, garden rakes, and torchwoods in combo with your repeaters.

World#5 Strategy Tips
Roof level requires you to have roof cleaners, you can use first two columns of sunflowers, third cabbagepults, fourth cornpults, and fifth to be tallnuts. When you have melonnuts, you can replace column two with them. Although you  have cob pults at this stage but it is recommended that you don’t use them as they are really slow. You can counter the bungee zombies by umbrella leaves, one or more in each row and they will protect their surrounding eight squares and their own square as well. As for Gargantuans, you can use Cherry bomb and Jalapeno combination to counter them.

Share your own tips, tricks, cheats, and strategies for different levels of Plants vs Zombies, and help others.