BitTorrent Tips, Tricks, Guide to Maximum Download Speed

This peer-to-peer program was developed by Bram Cohen in 2001. Currently, the client is available for Windows and MAC OS X and is no longer an open source program. The client has got a respectable position among all the other Torrent protocol based clients.

BitTorrent has got impressive statistical tracking of any torrent and you can easily make a torrent of your own and share it with others. Here is a simple step by step guide to run and optimize BitTorrents speed with a little bit of tweaking. Latest version of the client is almost similar to uTorrent with its options panel completely same as uTorrent.

Step 1|Download & Install
You can download the client from multiple locations. I will recommend downloading it from their official site as it will be the latest version of the client.

Step 2|Speed Guide Test
At the end of installation, a window will pop up saying “Speed Guide”. Now this will help you in automatically adjusting your connection for optimal download speed.

If this window does not pop up at the end of the setup, you can open it manually from the main interface in the “Preferences” tab. Run the speed test at the given link.

You must close all the other applications using internet. After the test your upload and download speeds will be adjusted automatically according to your connection speed.

Step 3|Choose Appropriate Port
After the test has been completed, the same window (Speed Test), check that if the selected port is forwarded or not. Click the tab in front of the selected port, if the port is not forward then you must open it to get optimum speed.

You can also change this port as some ISP’s block some torrent ports by default to conserve the bandwidth consumption.In order to change the selected port, navigate to Options>>Preferences>>Connection and here you can change the default port and choose any random port.
It is better to choose the port that has not been used by any other program.

Step 4|Manual Adjustment of Bandwidth
If you somehow couldn’t complete the automatic speed test in the second step then you can change these settings manually. Head to Options>> Preferences>>Bandwidth and adjust your max download and upload speeds.

Mark it automatically if its not,  this will enable the client to choose the optimum download and upload speeds during download. Now change Max Global Upload Speed” to the 10 percent of your connection’s upload speed in kB/s.

You can get your connection’s upload speed by dividing the Speed test results by 8. Actually the results shown after any speed test is in kb/s not in kB/s(Letter “b” is important as 1kB=8kbs).

Step 5|Port Forwarding and Firewall Settings
You should make sure that your firewall is not blocking the torrent application. If the port forwarding test is positive during above step, you don’t need to do anything else in this step. If you router is blocking the selected port (Random or default), you must open them for stable and optimum download/upload speeds.