FIFA Manager 2010 World Cup Patch Released

FIFA World Cup is in few days time and everyone is excited about it. Adding some flavor to this special occasion, EA Sports has released a new mode in FIFA Manager 2010. Like the game,this mode too is detailed enough to enjoy the matches closely. All the stadiums have been featured closely and there are some interesting off field details too.

It will take you about 3 hours and 20 minutes to complete the tournament on average. Again it can vary depending upon your playing style. 4 players can play the tournament on the same PC. Team selection and grouping will be the same as of World Cup by default but you can change it according to your liking as there are no restrictions.

All matches can be played in either Live Ticker, Videotext, 3D or 3D highlight mode. A new statistical section introduced in this mode renders manager great details and overview of the match.There are several other new things included in this mode as the historical details of the cities of South Africa where matches are going to be held.
Download FIFA Manager 2010 World Cup Patch