FIFA Manager 2010 Tips,Tricks,Secrets and Cheats

FIFA Manager can be annoying sometimes specially when you run out of budget and you don’t have sufficient money to buy some big names in the market. What should one do when every new game ends in economic crisis specially when you are fan of a club that is not much rich?

Well, to be honest if you are a true football fan then you would go again and again without any shortcuts.If you are not patient enough or want to enjoy the game with some cheats like unlimited transfer budget then the following cheats might help the cause.

Unlimited Money
Yea you heard it right,using this cheat you can have an unlimited amount to spend.

Navigate to D:\EA SPORTS\FIFA MANAGER 10\private_items” directory.The path can be different depending upon your hard drive and the partition on which you installed the game.

This file contains the types of homes and how much they cost. Change one of the values to a negative number using a text editor such as notepad etc. For example: Palace,Palais,Schloss,Palacio,Palazzo,Palac,-912000000,palace.bmp,2005.

Now start the game and go to Career>Private Life>House and buy the house that was modified.Money instead of being deducted will be added to your account.

More Transfer Money
Now this trick might not be new to all of you but can be useful when you are short on transfer money. All you have to do is

Create another manger, preferably at the start of a season as there will be more money available.

Have this manager join a club such as Man City, Chelsea, Real Madrid, clubs which have large transfer budget.

Then, search for the club you currently manage and sell unwanted players to the new manager for very high prices.It will create high transfer funds and you will get rid of all unwanted players.

Master Blasters
If you can’t acquire big names out there then there is no need to worry.Following players though not much attractive can be as handy as any other big expensive players in the market:

Alphonse Aréola (GK, PSG, French, £40,000)
Eduardo Salvio (AMR/FC, Lanus, Argentinean, £5 million)
Mario Balotelli (AMRL/ST, Inter, Italian, £13 million)
Martín G:alván (AMC/FC, Cruz Azul, Mexican, £1 million)
Nicolás Otamendi (DC, Vélez Sársfield, Argentinian, £3.3 million)
Toni Kroos (AMC, Bayern Munich, German, £15 million)

FIFA Manager 2010 All in one Trainer
If you don’t want these tricks to be applied separately or the procedure seems to be troublesome for you then you can use this trainer for increment in Transfer budget, Salary and Construction budget etc.

This cheat although originally written for the original version of the game but can work for the updated versions. See the “text file” for more details.This Trainer includes the customizable hotkeys.You can download the trainer here

FIFA Manager 2010 Trainer(MegaDev)
This trainer contains hell lot of cheats, just download and install it and you will be able to apply many useful cheats and tricks in the game. Click here for more details on it.

These are useful tricks and cheats for Fifa Manager 2o1o.If you have any other tricks or cheats relating to the game then do share with us.