Heroes of Newerth Virtual LAN Hamachi Guide

Heroes of Newerth, one of the most popular mods of Warcraft III, is no longer free as developers have officially closed beta and launched the priced full version of the game. In the wake of this move, an independent programmer “Sordit” has compiled a LAN version of the game in order to play HON on Virtual LAN online. If you want to play HON on virtual LAN using Hamachi, follow the guide below.

Heroes of Newerth Virtual LAN Hamachi Guide

Step 1
Download Heroes of Newerth LAN Edition from here.

Step 2
Extract the game, install Hamachi from the setup that is included in the package.

Step 3
Follow the standard procedures of playing any game on Hamachi.
1. Create a network.
2. Tell your friends to join that network.
3. Host Heroes of Newerth LAN game.
4. Your friends in your network will be able to join that game.

Note:Make sure you start the game using “hon.exe” not the “loader.exe”.

General Problems/Solutions

1. If you get stuck at the loading screen, go to your “My Documents” folder and delete hon folder. This will fix the loading screen issue.
2. Your friends can’t see the game ? create a game, disable your internet connection, and when the game has been created, enable your internet connection and everything will work fine now.
3. You can’t see the games in the Lobby ? Disable your Windows Firewall.