Battlefield Bad Company 2 New Multiplayer Game Modes DLC Announced

Electronic Arts is continuing their effort to stimulate new purchases of Battlefield Bad Company 2 by releases new content to the game now and then. This effort continues as EA plans to bring third map pack to the game with new game modes.

While it is called Map Pack 3, it doesn’t provide anything new to the Battlefield Bad Company 2 multiplayer. Instead DICE is releasing a combo of fighting mode already in BFBD2 in consistent with the existing maps. On June 9, EA DICE will push Squad Death Match in Nelson Bay Map, while Lagona Alta playfield will have Squad Rush mode open to it.

Although both the maps and modes are available already in Battlefield Bad Company 2, but in their current combination. Xbox 360 and PS3 headshot hunters with their VIP code can download the update when it becomes available.

While those without the code can purchase the DLC from in game store for $15. PC gamers can play new environments for free when next round of updates roll in, though it is not known when EA will do release this update on PC. EA also has previously announced Cooperative Onslaught mode but it hasn’t given the price and release date for this specific mode.