Vuze Speed Tips & Tricks, Configuration Settings, Maximize Download Speed

Vuze formerly known as Azureus is one of the most popular torrent clients on earth today.Regardless of the popularity of the client, if you don’t know how to configure the client for maximum speed, it won’t feel satisfactory with any of  torrent clients. If you have already tried Vuze without any configuration settings and got unsatisfying results then I will suggest you to reconsider  it  with small tweaks which I am going to mention in the following guide. Before you get bored of reading the description, lets get started with the real thing.

Step 1| Download
First things first,download the client and install it on your hard drive.You can check out their official website for the download and it is totally free.

Step 2| Installation
Installation is simple, just a few clicks on “Next” button and you will be done with the installation.You can choose any drive to install in, C:/ is by default.

Step 3| Configuration Menu
Now that you have downloaded and installed the client successfully,lets move on to the important part i.e the client configuration for maximum efficiency.Open the client either from “Start Menu’ or the destination folder.Now go to the “Tools” tab and go to “Options”. Here you need to do the following changes.

Step 4|Select the Mode
First of all there is a Mode to select from at the top. It’s beginner by default, change it to Advanced.

Step 5| Startup & Shutdown
In this tab you can adjust self explanatory settings like whether you want to shutdown your machine when the download is complete or not etc.Nothing to do with the torrent speed.

Step 6| Choose the Appropriate Listen Port
This is the most crucial step, Click the “Connection” tab in “Options” and choose the appropriate port. How would you know that what port is good for you? It’s simple,Vuze recommend you to choose ports from “49160–65534” range so you can choose any in the range.

You can always check the ports that have been blocked or in use already by any other client so that you may take any port that is free.To check for the free ports write “NETSTAT -A” in the “cmd” command prompt and you will be shown the list of ports being used.

Step 7| Port Forwarding
After you have selected the appropriate listen port,you should make sure that these ports are forward and not blocked by your firewall.You can consult if you don’t have any experience of port forwarding.Make sure that you forward both TCP and UDP ports.

Step 8| Adjust Upload Speed
Then there is “Transfer” tab.Choose the appropriate upload speed here.Your upload speed should not exceed your connection uploading speed.You can change it if you want the data to be uploaded fast for the fast download in return.

Step 9| Choose the Storage Directory
You can change the torrent storage directory using the “Files” tab.Choose the drive and directory where you want to store your downloaded files and the torrent files.By default it is the directory you installed Vuze in.

Step 10| IP Filtering
Well,this option can be useful in banning and blocking bad asses. Most of the options in this tab are self explanatory except of few.”Block peers whose discarded data/good ratios exceeds” is 5.0 by default.

It means that when a certain IP has uploaded 5 times more bad data than the good than it will be banned, leave next two settings as such. Now the Auto loading option is quite helpful as you can upload a list of IP’s manually you think are punks. Note them on any text editor(notpad is recommended) and upload them using Auto loading feature.

Vuze will block all these IP’s.You can add more IP’s to the list and reset them later on by navigating to Tools>>IP Filters.

Step 11| Adjust the Simultaneous Downloads
Skipping all other tabs,head towards the tab saying “Queue”.Here you can adjust the no of  simultaneous downloads.You can change them as you desire. By default they are 4 which is a suitable number as more torrents will exhaust your connection unless you have some ultra high connection speed and bandwidth.

I am sure that above mentioned tips will help you in improving Vuze’s performance.These are small tweaks that have considerable impact on your download and upload speed.Meanwhile you can use this list of torrent search engines to find yourself healthy torrents. In case you have trouble setting up Vuze correctly you can follow this extensive official guide.