Sega Announces Vanquish Reveals Gameplay and Storyline

Sega has officially announced Vanquish, which was till now just a rumor, revealing its gameplay elements and storyline.Game is set in the near future in which old rivals, Russia and US are fighting to get most ownership of the fast depleting energy resources, US has constructed a space station to harness energy from the Sun.

Russia attacks the space station, captures it and diverts its harvested energy into a single blast wave which destroys San Fransisco. Here is when you come into the scene, you got to recapture the space station with your team of soldiers before Russia destroys their next target New York, in much the same way.

Now comes the gameplay elements, which are revealed in Vanquish announcement trailer.

Although the game plot is more of a same old Russia vs US fiasta, but the gameplay elements and graphics are a breath of fresh air. The engaging story of the game thanks to a direction by Shinji Mikami, the man behind Resident Evil series, is another plus point of the game.

Game is being developed by Platinum Games, the infamous developer behind Bayonetta, and is expected to be released on Xbox360 and PS3.