New Red Faction is a Survival Horror Action Game ?

Everyone in the game industry was surprised by the success of Red Faction Guerrilla, an open World action thriller, which scored great reviews across the web and also was greatly appreciated by the fans of the series.  Everyone may be, expecting the same thing after the huge success Guerilla got, are in it for a surprise as Volition, the game developer behind Red Faction series is of a different opinion.

Yes! Red Faction Armageddon will be a survival horror action game, and yeah you won’t be roaming around like much, instead you will search every corner of the darkness to ensure there is no one there. This Pre E3 trailer illustrates the quest for survival in the darkness of mines you have been taking shelter for years. You are not the only one’s living in there…

Everyone likes a change, and quite frankly, I don’t really agree with the general rule of sticking with what has been successful for you. Anyway the Red Faction Armageddon’s gameplay again would be the key to its success, the story is another factor, which seems interesting. The initial info about the game shows its only coming for PS3 which will be sad, but lets see how much is revealed about the game at E3 2010 before we conclude.