Company Of Heroes Online Coming North America This Fall

THQ today announced Company of Heroes online for North America, a downloadable free to play adaption of the popular Word War II realtime strategy series developed by Relic Entertainment. Company of Heroes Online was initially planned for Asian market and will be deploying in North America this fall.

The game is in development in cooperation with Chinese developer Shanda Entertainment and its open Beta is currently live but only supports Chinese language. 

Company of Heroes Online will put players against each other as either Allies or Axis, meanwhile gaining level, acquiring special army units, unlocking hero units, and new commander abilities are features which will keep them coming back to the game.

The game will be financed by micro transaction system which is core to free to play games, as players will be purchase special units and upgrades or in simple words all that is hard to earn, can be purchased.

The whole concept is awesome and I would like to give it a try when it becomes available in English for Asian Market, hopefully it won’t lag like Battlefield Heroes but that game was for kids right ?