Split/Second Multiplayer Online Tunngle Guide

Split/Second is a treat for fast paced adrenaline racing fans, and above it has Multiplayer LAN capabilities and yeah that also means you can play Split/Second on virtual network. I have already written Split/Second Hamachi Guide, and if that was a bit long procedure for you, here is the easiest way to setup and play Split/Second but we will be using Tunngle as Virtual Network Adapter.

We will be following pretty much standard procedures, anyway still here is how you can play Split/Second Multiplayer online on Tunngle.

Step 1|Port Forwarding and Firewall

You need to forward port UDP 11155 if you are behind a router. Also make sure that your firewall is not blocking the game. If you don’t know how to portforward, give a visit to portforwarding.com and find a how to related to your router.

Step 2|Enter lobby of Split/Second or Make your own Lobby
Now you can either enter a lobby and play with the other players or can create your own lobby and invite your friends to join in Tunngle.Once all the players in the same lobby in Tunngle then all should be able to see your hosted Split/Second LAN game.

Step 3|Host/Join the Game
To host a LAN game,Start the game and go to LAN portion of the game, select the mode of your choice and it will automatically host. Or you can change the mode, and host the custom elimination game and tell your friend to join that game.

Be careful with Powerplay it can make or break your game ๐Ÿ™‚