How to Play Blur Multiplayer Online On Tunngle

Blur is an arcade style racing blockbuster, exaggeration ? well I love this game. We already have written a detailed Hamachi Guide on Blur, and if you have been facing issues playing Blur on Hamachi, you can use Tunngle, a Hamachi Alternative, which is considerably very easy to setup.  Now lets just move on to , how you can play Blur multiplayer online on virtual network using Tunngle.

How to Play Blur Multiplayer Online| Tunngle Guide

Step 1|Download and Install Tunngle

Download and Install Tunngle on your computer, don’t do anything if you have it installed.

Step 2|Port Forwarding and Firewall

You need to forward port UDP 11155 if you are behind a router.Visit for more details on portforwarding. Also make sure that your firewall is not blocking the game.

Step 3|Enter lobby of Blur or Make your own Lobby
Now you can either enter a lobby and play with the other players or can create your own lobby and invite your friends to join in Tunngle.Once all the players in the same lobby in Tunngle then all should be able to see your hosted Blur LAN game.

Step 4|Host/Join the Game
To host a LAN game,Start the game and go to Multiplayer, then go to Local Area Network section of the game and then host the game. Others should be able to see your hosted game in their local area network.

Simple ? Yes!