BitComet Tips, Configuration,Speed Hacks For Maximum Download Speed

Torrent Client is a software used to download any torrent, that you found via torrent search engines and in case you don’t know what the torrent is ?, it is a small file which contains all the information to download a file the torrent was made for.

Bitcomet (originally named as SimpleBt client) is a controversial but an efficient torrent client among all others.The software has been written in C++ and is available in 52 languages for Windows.In spite of all the criticism,I find this client as one of the best torrent clients available on web today.

BitComet has got multiple interesting features like an built in explorer, it can integrate itself with different browsers for the direct downloads, and it also works as a download manager.

Like other torrents clients,you need to customize a bit to snap maximum performance out of it depending upon your connection speed.Following tutorial is a step wise guide to demonstrate some tweaks that will surely help you in improving it’s performance.

Step 1| Download & Install
You can download the client from multiple locations but I will recommend that you download the latest version form their official site.Follow some simple steps and the client will be installed on your drive.You can choose any drive to install it.

Step 2| Connection Settings
After installation, navigate to “Tools” at the top, and then choose “Options”.You can also navigate directly to the destination by pressing “Ctrl+P”.Now in connection settings, first thing you should do is adjust the Global upload and download speed.You should choose the upload speed that is maximum 90% of your connection upload speed.

More than that will be exhaustive for your connection and your browsing will get very slow while downloading torrents with low seeders.Next you should select an appropriate listen port.Many ISP’s nowadays block the default ports of famous torrent clients to save the bandwidth consumption, so choose a random port.

Whatever port you choose, it must be forward to have maximum speed using this client.If the respected port is not opened,you download speed will be affected greatly.Green light at the bottom right of main interface will indicate that your respective listen port is open.Yellow light or Grey one indicates that your router is blocking the ports.You can consult for more details in this respect.

Once you have selected and opened the respected port,you should keep rest of the settings as such.

Step 3| Task Menu
The click the task button, and you will see various options to regulate your torrent tasks.You can select the simultaneous task limit which is 10 by default.More tasks will overload your connection and all tasks will be affected.I will recommend that you don’t do more than 5 simultaneous downloads.

Step 4| Integration
Now head straight to the Integration tab.Here you can integrate Bitcomet with famous browsers like Firefox and IE.You can choose Bitcomet as your default client for torrent and non torrent downloads.You need to add some extensions to integrate it successfully.Resumeable downloads will be resumed from the last disconnection.

Step 5| Half-Open Limit
I won’t recommend that you change this default(10) limit until you get the massage of being reaching the half-open limit.Change the limit to 50 or 100 and reboot the system to increase the download speed.

Step 6| Register yourself
Last but not the least, register yourself  with them and let your client be logged in during downloads.More you download,more will be your reputation and ultimately you will experience better results.This step is optional but can be useful as it did work for me.

Alternatively you can download this BitComet Speed Hack Patch, which does the magic for you and automatically configures BitComet for maximum download speeds.

These small tips will surely enable you to improve your download speed using Bitcomet as your torrent client. Any confusions or problems? do let us know and we will try to resolve them for you.