How to Run iPhone Applications on iPad

Would it be cool if you could run your favorite apps on iPad and that is without any kind of Pixilation issues. I say it would be awesome. We are talking about full resolution applications, applications that were made for iPhone but would run just fine on iPad. So let’s get started.
You need a Jailbroken iPad for this, and bunch of applications for testing purposes. It is not guaranteed that all applications would work but most of them would run fine.

How to Run iPhone Applications in iPad

Step 1: Make sure you have OpenSSH installed on your iPad:
•    To download and install OpenSSH, Open Cydia. Touch on “Search” tab and then search for “OpenSSH”.
•    Now, install OpenSSH and reboot your Device.

Step 2: Connect your iPad Device to your computer, and make sure iTunes is not running, now this is important, iTunes should not be running the background.

Step 3: Now if you are on Mac you need to download and install CyberDuck, and for Windows Users Download and install WinSCP.
Cyberduck Users
•    Server: The IP address of your iPad. Settings –> WiFi –> <Your Network Name>
•    Username: root
•    Password: alpine
•    Protocol: SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol)

WinSCP Users
•    Hostname: The IP address of your iPad. Setting –> WiFi –> <Your Network Name>
•    User name: root
•    Password: alpine
•    Protocol: SCP

Step 4: Navigate to /var/mobile/Applications/ directory. Choose the application of your choice.

Step 5: Edit the info.plist file in TextEdit or TextWrangler and add the following lines as shown in the screenshot below.


Step 6: So far so good, Save your file and disconnect your iPad.

Step 7: Restart your iPad.

And Wooah!! You have your iPhone app running on iPad without any pixilation issue.

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