How to Install iPhone UI on Windows Mobile

For all those who adore apples iPhone UI and stuck with Windows Mobile, here is a treat for you. We all know how iPhone interface has revolutionized the world of mobile devices as we knew it back in 2007.

Everything from that point onwards has become smooth, good on fingers, eye candy and become flick flick as we call it. We have seen developers working on different plugins and skins and applications to emulate the feeling of iPhone on Windows Mobile, without actually having to own an iPhone.

An Xda member has developed a complete shell to make Windows Mobile look and behave somewhat exactly like the iPhone UI. It works only for resolution of 480 x 800 (WVGA). Its version 0.3a includes several bug fixes and speed improvements. Download and install the package to have an iPhone UI feeling on your Windows Mobile.

How to Implement iPhone UI on Windows Mobile

Step 1

Visit this site, and choose Xperia X1 applications, then choose the iPhone UI and download.

Step 2

Install file if you haven’t already done that.

Step 3
Install the latest iPhone UI build.

Step 4
Soft reset your device and you go!.

You can follow the conversation via this thread, and can also take a look into the change log of iPhone UI build. The developer has promised to release daily updates of iPhone UI build so do check the official site periodically as well.