Top 10 Most Reliable Online Data Backup Tools and Services

Online data back up has made things more convenient today, no worries, back up all your important data online and download it anytime you need. Suppose,if you don’t have any backup on any of your local drives and your
back up from dedicated service or from the server has been lost somehow?If you haven’t imagined such a scenario then you better do it quick as there have been lots of cases like this.
According to some rough stats, 43% users loose their online files either due to negligence or misfortune. So you must safe your data either on some  removable drive or you can use the online backup tools to secure your data for emergency situations.You can choose any of the following services to back up your online data.

Over 1 million users and more than 50,000 business corporates back up 25+ petabytes of information to multiple data centers around the globe using Mozy.The client is easy to use and you can backup your files even if you are using them.You can restore your files at any time and ask for the physical backup from them anytime so that your data is secured on multiple locations.You will have to pay 4.95$ per month for personal backup and there are different packages for the business class.

It’s a useful online backup tools with no risks of data theft etc.$2 is the package price for personal use while you will need to pay $4 for the business purposes.You can easily access your data any time and share it with others.You can access the data from any browser so that you don’t need any sort of software for it.

You can backup upto 2gb of the data free using this service.If your data is more than that then you may look for their other premium packages. Software client is simple to use and you need to a few clicks to start up your data storage.

Always Sync
As the name indicates, it’s a useful tool to synchronize your data with any source either online or local.Managing interface is user friendly and your data is secured using some reliable and advances algorithms.

Carbonite is a useful online backup tool specially for business class as they offer descent annual packages instead of monthly basis.You can store unlimited data to their servers securely and easily.Although they don’t offer any physical backup but you can restore your data any time you want.

It’s one of the most famous online backup services on internet.They are reliable and offer you automatic backup of your precious data.They have two packages to choose from, one is for home and small office users while other is for enterprises.

Want some totally free online backup tool? BuddyBackup is the one you should look at as it offers completely free backup on  any physical media which can also be shared with other users online.
Each file backed up using this client is in encrypted form so your data is secure from any kind of theft.

SOS OnlineBackup
This client is PC’s Magazine’s Editors choice.You can access your data from anywhere even from your iPhone. You can make unlimited accounts and store unlimited data.All your data is secure from any kind of theft or lose.

DropBox is an online backup tool primarily designed for synchronizing your files among any computer on the network. All the files are backed up regularly on their servers and you can access them any time from he website.You can access your data from your phone too. So, a descent tool for managing files at different computers with regular backups.

Evault is a feasible solution to your backup problems.They offer services like most other backup services with highly secure cloud to protect your important data.They were owned by Segate in 2007 and since then they have been progressing rapidly.

These are few online data backup tools on the go, more to come later as we dig through other reliable services.