Sony Reveals Sound Blasting Device HT-SF470

Sound and music, as always are an essential need by everyone. No one would desire to plug into devices that give out too much treble or too much bass, rather they would long for speakers that could get them into rhythm and to let music channel down through their bodies. It is believed that music is the only remedy for stress and tension caused by either daily chores or endless hours spent completing tasks and work. So to hear good music one must have either a set of good earphones , headphones or ear buds or one must one a really good set of speakers.

The HT-SF470 also features three HDMI inputs and an HDMI pass-through port, while providing for BRAVIA Sync, a digital media port and an optional iPod cradle. The unit also comes equipped with two digital audio inputs (coax/optical) and a digital cinema auto calibration feature for quick and easy setup.Sony is also offering a few new soundbar options which includes the 400W (100 watts x 3 channels + 100 watts subwoofer) HT-CT350 and the HT-CT150 with 340W (85 watts x 3 channels + 85 watts sub). Both soundbars offers three HDMI inputs and an HDMI output and both support LPCM Blu-ray Disc audio with 3D pass-trhough. You’ll also receive dual digital audio inputs and Bravia Sync again with iPod cradle abilities.

The CT350 also features a bracket so you can attach it to Sony HDTV’s with 40″ or larger displays, while the CT150 can attach to 32-inch sets.

So being a sucker for music and those that would die to get that last inch of accessory so that they can plug into and tune into the songs i would love. An accessory to get, a gizmo worth spending for.