Download “Lead and Gold:Gangs of the Wild West” in Game Music

This multiplayer only Wild West themed shooter puts two groups of five up against each other in multiplayer matches. Less population of the players is the downside but overall for a wild west follower it gives plenty to entertain. Game modes supported are familier like Team Death Match, Capture the flag or sack of gold, and territory control.

Levels are well design and provide plenty of opportunities to work around your enemy. There are no level or rank system with each game being a standalone affair. Its a good game if you like Wild West themed games but less players to find a match may ruin your experience.

Anyway one of the things I loved the most about this game was the in game music. If you feel the same you can download and enjoy, either you can download the track you love or download all the tracks in one archive.

Download Lead and Gold: Gangs of the Wild West Game Music

Lead and Gold Devils Pit.mp3
Lead and Gold_Fort.mp3
Lead and Gold_Menu Music.mp3
Lead and Gold_Peak.mp3
Lead and Gold_Ranch.mp3
Lead and Gold Silent Sinners.mp3
Lead and Gold Sinners Gulch.mp3

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