Preview|Demon’s Souls Hits Europe This Summer

Who doesn’t like playing a game with slashing and cutting, guts flying and blood dripping. Hot sizzling action packed game with cool looking characters wearing and running around in their shinny armor , wielding a blade with enchanted powers and a shield with the crest of a dragon.

If your the kind of person who loves to go on endless killing, slaying monsters through the hill or among the forests, then you better get your hands on Demons Souls as it is one of the best role playing games of the year.

Demon’s Souls mainly features the game around an Role Playing plot where characters are given 5 worlds to go through, each world containing its own tales to tell.

Set in a dark fantasy filled medieval Europe-inspired world, where players obtain control of a custom hero. Who has journeyed to the fictional kingdom of Boletaria that has since been ravaged by an accursed fog that brought forth demons that feast on the souls of mortals.

Players can also connect to online gameplay and engage in with other players to combat monsters and fulfill quests. Multiplayer mode makes it even more fun when having friends join you in with your adventure.

This game is famed to be the one that has gotten positive review even from the critics, it has been released in Japan on February 5, 2009 and published by Sony Computer Entertainment, North America on October 7, 2009, published by Atlus and it will soon get released in Europe on June 25, 2010, published by Namco Bandai. It’s a game worth waiting for and to try out with soda n popcorns.