All You Need to Know About Jays t-Jays Line Of Earphones

In the ever growing music industry, when music has taken an important place in the lives of many teenagers and youngsters. The companies are striving to make new ear buds, headphones and other such accessories.

They are stressing upon enhancing the performance and quality these devices deliver, many companies are striving to push in their products that can grab major market and customers.

Many companies have already unveiled most of their products that give their customers better sound quality and as well as comfort to the ear for long lasting music pleasure.In amidst of this “Jays” have also brought forward their newest ear phone accessory by the name of “T-jays” .

Normally whenever a customer buys a new MP3 or an iPod, they always tend to look for earphones that may go well with their music device. Keeping this in concern, the Jays came up with their idea of bringing forth T-jays.

T-jays are developed for comfort and high performance playback, ensuring hours of peaceful music. They have a slim line design that contains an  angled sound tube for increased comfort. The drivers inside the headphones are 10mm units and the design lets the cable be worn over the ear for stability or in front of the ear for normal wear.

Three models are in the T-Jays series including the One, Two, and Three. The One series has 18- 20,000Hz range and ships with silicon sleeves in multiple sizes and an extension cable. The Two line has a 17 – 22,000Hz range and includes multiple sleeves, extension cable, stereo splitter, and a flight adapter. The Three has a frequency response of 15 – 25,000Hz and ships with sleeves, extension cable, splitter, flight adapter, and a travel case.

The marvels this new accessory tells, does make one to ponder about how they would sound with the new MP3 or iPod. So proving a must buy to most who believe that their devices deserve better ear headphones to be used with them.