Phonak AG’s Audéo Perfect Fit Earphones For Every Gadget

Ear buds as they are have now become a basic necessity for anyone who either owns a mp3 player or an iPod or just like sitting in parks playing endlessly on PSP. Ear buds, coming after the head phone technology ensured that they would perform better then their ancestor technology as they get plugged  into the ear, which assures less external noise and better sound.

But ear buds brought their own worries when they reached the users ears, in the form of minor headaches caused by hours n hours of ear buds being plugged into our ears which kind of became a bit of a nuisance for most.

People still wanted better music and less troubles while using this accessory so after researching and hours of paper work being spent, a group of experts working on different techs turned their attention to mp3 generation and finally made the best hearing device available to customers round the world.

The world’s leading manufacturer of innovative hearing instruments has turned its attention to the MP3 generation – to develop new perfect fit earphones.

“The snug fit means less external noise mingling with your music – and that in turn means you can play songs at a lower volume, and so reduce potential damage to your hearing.”

The new Audéo Perfect Fit Earphones (PFE), developed by Phonak AG, comes with ergonomically designed foam tips which in result are  molded to the shape of the user’s ear. This not only provides a comfortable, secure fit but can reduce unwanted external noise.

This, they say, allows the user to enjoy perfect noise free sound quality at a lower, safer volume and reduces the risk of hearing damage. The lightweight Audéo PFE, weighing just 14 g  in weight is the best available accessory to any user out there wanting to own the best in market ear buds,  they also include specially designed filters allowing the bass and treble levels to be configured to fit the listener’s preference.

Silicone ear guides are provided for increased stability and less cable noise. Users can pay a little  extra to give the earphones, a built-in hands-free kit which can be used with all generations of the iPhone.

Each invention bringing innovations standards to an all new standard in the technology world.

Audéo Perfect Fit Earphones are available in black or white from “hifiheadphones” priced £119.99 or £129.99 including iPhone hands-free function. Be the First to own it.