How to Link Settlers 7 to your Facebook Account

The Settlers 7: Paths to a Kingdom offers players long complicated paths to build a kingdom, manage its resources and engage in a successful campaign by strengthening your city.

Its complexity and difficulty level has been a downfall to its good concept as for now. Anyway one good thing about it is you can link your facebook account in game and check your friends updates without quitting the game.

How to Link Settlers 7 to Your Facebook Account

Step 1
Click on the Facebook icon from the main menu.

Step 2
Once you are in Contacts Menu>Facebook Contacts Tab> click on the link pointed out in the screenshot.

Step 3
This will open a web browser, now enter the code from the website into the box in the game and click “Authorize”. Once authorized you can view your friends list, see if they are online and also check the latest updates from your friends.

Step 4
You can also publish your achievements on your Facebook account. Go to your achievement browser in the main menu by pressing the achievement browser button.
Step 5
In order to publish an achievement on your Facebook wall, click on an unlocked achievement and select the “Publish” button. The same can be done if you click on publish button from in game achievement pop up menu.

Publish Automatically on Facebook
If you want to use the Facebook features automatically, click on Facebook button in the main menu and allow the game to post on your Facebook wall automatically. This feature can be enabled or disabled later from your Facebook account.

Settlers 7 Proxy Settings for Facebook
If you are behind a proxy and would like to use Facebook in your Settlers 7 game. You need to enter the following entries under [System] in the “options.ini” file.

“C:\Documents and Settings\YourName\My Documents\Settlers7\Options.ini”

[System] WebProxyHost =
WebProxyPort = xxxx
WebProxyUsername = ProxyUserName (optional)
WebProxyPassword = ProxyPassword (optional)

Add your host address in place of WebProxyHost, your host port in place of WebProxyPort, and if you wish you can add your username and password in place of WebProxyUsername/Password.

This new approach of adding social network like Facebook inside a game may become a hit or just another disappointing innovative approach. Anyway, Facebook in Games is a win win situation for social peeps who happen to be gamers as well.