Command & Conquer 4 Basic Tips and Class Strategy Guide

I am sure by now, most of you have played Command & Conquer 4 Tiberiun Twilight long enough to try different strategies in the multiplayer matches and have enough knowledge of the game to understand the  game units, tactics and core game mechanics.

If you are one of those who hasn’t then this guide may help you get a whole lot knowledge of the game. We have compiled a strategy guide starting from the very basic game tactics tips and strategies to more advanced game tips and strategies to help you wage an effective battle in multiplayer wars.

Command & Conquer 4 Basic Strategy Guide

Command &Conquer 4  Crawler Guide
When you are deploying into the battle, you are first prompted to choose a class, once you have selected your desired class, left click anywhere near your starting deploy zone to deploy your crawler. You should do the same if your crawler is destroyed in the mid battle.

The cursor will turn red if you will try to deploy your crawler outside of your starting deploy zone. This newly deployed crawler is your mobile base, you can move it to anywhere in the map and unpack anywhere to create/repair units.

Losing your crawler doesn’t mean you have lost the game, and it also doesn’t mean you will lose any sort of upgrades. You can always click the deploy button near the minimap and deploy your crawler again with upgrades intact. What all of this necessarily means is, it won’t harm you if you get a bit aggressive during the game.

You can left click on your crawler and move it around the map or any specific place by left clicking on the minimap. If you have a large army you can select them by left clicking then dragging a box around them or you can select all units by pressing “Q”.

You can unpack your crawler to create and unload units for your army, also you can repair anything within the radius of the unpacked crawler. Select your crawler and click the Unpack button next to your crawlers picture at the bottom center of the screen to unpack your crawler.

You have two options when it comes to unpacking your crawler, either you can choose “Unpack Now” option to unpack your crawler immediately if there is space available or you can choose “Unpack at Location” to specify where your crawler unpacks.

Camera Controls
Camera controls are basic like in every other realtime strategy game, hold the right mouse button and drag to move the camera anywhere, or hold the middle mouse button to rotate the camera.  Or use the minimap to move to specific locations you have scouted by clicking on the minimap.

On the minimap NOD units are red and GDI units are blue. Units under your control will be of lighter color, orange if you are NOD or teal if you are GDI. Crawlers on the minimap are shown as larger squares and unpacked crawlers have a circle around their icon.

Goal structures are diamond icons having a number 1-5. Goal structures change color to indicate which faction is controlling them, when no group has a control over them they show up as white.

How to Build Your Army
Once your crawler is deployed, you can build an army of desired units by left clicking on the units pane. If the crawler is unpacked, it will release the units as they finish. You can also build upto 5 units when your crawler is on the move and they will be released as soon as crawler unpacks.

Units build while the crawler is on the move are shown in the HOLD to the left of units pane. Each unit has a command point cost associated with it and you can only build as many units as your command point limit allows you to.

Attacking with your army is same as in the any realtime strategy game you have played, select a group of units and right click on the enemy targets.
Tip: If you want to make your army faster then usual, unpack your crawler in the deploy zone as units build faster there.

How to Research
Second tab on the units pane shows researchable upgrades, upgrades have no cost but take time to research. Tech-tier upgrades unlock higher tiers and make your crawler stronger.
Note:If the unit icon is grayed out you may require the tech-tier upgrade for it or you are lacking the CP needed.

Defensive Structures
Defensive units will notice another tab at top of the units pane which displays available defensive structures that can be build. Cost of building structures is Power instead of CP, it is a different resource but functions similarly.

Defensive structures can be only build near defensive crawler or previously built outposts. In case your crawler is destroyed, all the associated defensive structures go offline but moving away from defensive won’t make them offline.

Command Points
Command points limit the number of units in the battlefield and the maximum limit can only be increased by advancing tech tier. Command points are indicated above the units pane with every unit having its cost indicated by its tooltip.

How to Capture Control Hubs
In domination mode you will be capturing control hubs by placing higher CP value of ground units near it as compared to other team. If your team controls more hubs as compared to your opponent. Your opponent score will start to tick down to zero approaching defeat, controlling more hubs will make it faster.

How to Reclaim Control Hubs
When you will capture any hub, a rig will spawn at one of its 4 docks. If a hub remains uncontested, more will spawn at different locations (Upto 4). These rigs must be destroyed to make the hub neutral and recapture it as long as you have more units near it then the enemy.

How to Capture Tech Structures
Tech Structures can be captured by right clicking on them with an engineer, they give you an definitive advantage on the battlefield. If they are captured by your opponent, you can destroy the tech structure, it will rebuild slowly and be available to capture again.

When you advance to higher tech tier, you will be able to capture Husks as well.

Command & Conquer 4 Combat Basics

Each unit in your army has an armor type and weapon type except your crawler. You can get the summary of this information by hovering over your unit’s portrait in unit pane.
-Gun Weapons are strong against Light Armor (Small Units).
-Cannon Weapons are strong against Medium Ground Weapons.
-Rocket Weapons are strong against Medium Air Weapons.
-Beam Weapons are strong against Heavy Armor (Large Units).
-Blast Weapons are strong against Reinforced Armor (Structures).
-Crawler is equally strong against every weapon.
If you want to succeed in putting your enemy on the back foot to win the battle, always bring the right tool for the job.

Art of Healing
Engineers can heal your army, they will do it passively if not under any order, they will heal all the units and repair the crawler as well. You can always order them to heal a specific unit by selecting the engineer and then right clicking on the unit you want healed or repaired.

You can also prioritize healing with the guard command by selecting engineers, pressing “g” and then left clicking on a friendly unit.

Secondary Abilities
Several units have certain secondary abilities that can be used. When you select a unit with a secondary ability, secondary ability button appears to the right side of the units picture in the center frame. Hover over it to check the tooltips to get more information on how you can use it to your advantage.

Team Command Interface (TCI) Beacons

TCI Beacons alert your team to the situations on the battlefield. In order to place one, click TCI button next to minimap, and then click on the battlefield to place it. TCI beacon is contextual so clicking an enemy unit will create an attack beacon and clicking a friendly unit will create a defend beacon.

Player Roles and Powers
When you are playing as support, the central console will display an expandable powers menu. Double click a power to select it, only one power per column is allowed. Selected powers appear in the collapsed power tray which can be clicked and activated just like other units powers.

Command & Conquer 4 Offensive Class Strategy Guide

Now if you are more of an offensive type, these tips would help you mold your playing style with command & conquer 4’s  gameplay mechanics.

The attack class has more powerful units as compared to other classes, they tend to take more time to build.  For attack class, how you utilize your crawler’s ability to store five units while moving is crucial at early stages. When you start you will have 50 build points at your disposal using them efficiently will guarantee victory.

If you manage to build enough army to capture early weakly guarded nodes, you are already in a favorable position. Its always important to know the battlefield, getting an idea how your opponent will behave and reacting accordingly will put you in an advantageous position.

Always go for a route which has least resistance, and be fast, the team who is faster wins the battle.Enemy Husks are important both ways for your enemy as well you. Always search for few least guarded husks to capture, and enemy technology that can be stolen.

Once you see a husk, just dispatch an engineer to the downed vehicle and he will be more then happy to drive it for you. There is one downside of this, these units take considerable amount of command points, so its wise to build to the 50 point limit and then follow smash and grab strategy.

The game is fast now, the whole reason to introduce a mobile base (Crawler) in this game was to make the game fast paced. So don’t hold back, use your crawlers mobility to your advantage. Consistently move your base of operations whenever you get a chance, this will also keep your enemy guessing about your whereabouts.

Offense class as I have already pointed out has the most powerful units at its disposal as compared to other classes so use it your advantage. Whenever you face tough situation don’t hold back, fight it out to defeat your enemies, you got the firepower dude. If defeat is inevitable simply withdraw your units to an allied base, have them join your crawler again when it is redeployed in the safe zone.

Command & Conquer 4 Defensive Class Strategy Guide
If you are more of a defensive type, then opt for Defensive class in Command and Conquer 4.

Command & Conquer 4 defensive class has one unique ability that none of the other classes posses that is, building structures. You can guard spawn, artillery, or captured nodes by closely building land and air turrets. They will protect your assets but most importantly will notify you of the enemy attacks.

These defense structures can be build at the same time as units with the use of power points, and the best part is they don’t use your precious command points. You can provide an extra support to your captured nodes by parking your crawler next to them, building defense turrets around them.

This will also help your units inside crawler’s effective radius to get extra health to support your defense. Always try to capture buildings in the multiplayer maps. These structures are mostly placed at critical positions like near tiberiun spawn points, or near nodes and can get ridiculous amount of punishment before they are destroyed.

Even if you are forced to leave them, try and win the area back as these buildings will slowly rebuild and become ripe for occupation within minutes. Strength of this class lies within its defensive structures, if your crawler is destroyed, all your defensive structures will lack power and cease to repel the attackers.

While in tough situation when you only have few units left alive with your crawler pressing “Q” to select your all units and move to nearby allied base or a friendly spawn unit will be a wise move considering the spawn point will be protected by automated turrets to help you escape.

Any upgrade is a bonus in multiplayer and if you are a defender, shield is your best bet. Covering your base with impenetrable shield will not only protect the crawler but also any unit under it. Most importantly when you will be struck by full fledged enemy attack, it will be provide you valuable seconds to think of a workaround.

Command & Conquer 4 Support Class Strategy Guide
Command & Conquer 4 Support class may be the most neglected class out of three but it has its own significance in the battlefield. Few things that you need to know before you start with this class in your multiplayer battles.

Command & Conquer 4 Support class comes with the speed, they have the fastest units to penetrate the enemy lines before commanders can even recognize their defenses.

Annoy your enemy with these early attack moves, you can’t capture the weakest nodes due to lack of ground units but you can neutralize it by forcing your enemies to thin out and most importantly stop more points being added on the scoreboard.

Its the only class in the game who can call upon support powers so use them effectively. Don’t wait too long saving your powerful support powers, and also don’t waste your  points using small attack buffs.

The trick is how you use your support powers effectively during the battle to turn the field to your advantage. Support class has more of a supporting role then the upfront role of capturing the nodes etc.

Your role is to help your allies capture nodes, use your aerial abilities to wreck some havoc, destroy some enemy crawlers and that’s it. There is an important little tip that would help you do that is, whenever you send your bombers out on a mission, make sure you assign two three fighters to protect them as they are most vulnerable against other fighters.

Support class lacks ground units and its ability is limited to the ability of the team, keeping your crawler safe and away from the fight zone should be your first priority. Keep your crawler near the spawn under turret or missile batteries protection or near offense or defensive class units to be on the safe side.

Support class has many powers but that can only help your team to succeed if you use them smartly, remember you can’t win the battle alone in a team based RTS games especially in Command & Conquer 4 so coordinate with your team.

It pretty much covers everything, if you want to share your point of view that would help any newbie starting with the game, don’t hold back.Advanced tips and faction strategy guide to follow soon.