Just Cause 2 Review: An Open World Master Piece

Special agent Rico Rodriguez is as exciting as it could be in one of the most anticipated open-world action thrillers, Just Cause 2. If you have been delighted by the eye catching landscape in “Avatar” then this Factious tropical island of “Panau” introduced in Just Cause 2 will surely fascinate you more as it contains all the the ingredients of a perfect view.

This highly action packed game brings more action with fireworks and exciting stunts.If you like games based on reality, then consider it an arcade fun fantasy game with stunts far away from reality but interesting enough for you to try it.

Just Cause is all about destroying anything that comes in your way during your mission.The huge fascinating world of Just Cause 2 allows you full freedom to reach any small corner of the island.

So there is much to explore with countless activities. The game is awfully lengthy and if you think that you can beat it 100% in couple of days then you should practically forget it or you might be nuts to do that.Your objective is simple, you need to retrieve a person named “Sheldon” which acted as your “boss” in the original game.

This simple task is made hell difficult by an apposing dictator on the island. You can approach missions on the map in different ways leading towards your final objective. As I mentioned earlier,the game is full of action and several new weapons and vehicles with improved controls have been introduced.

As the  game progresses,enemies difficulty level keeps on increasing which makes things tougher in the later stages of the game.To counter these difficult enemies, game has got an impressive upgrade system.You can upgrade your weapons with the points earned during the gameplay using black market.

The most prominent feature in the game is Rico’s grappling hook and parachute which allows you to perform variety of stunts.You can also chase enemies and land on any vehicle including the ones belonging to enemies.

If we see the dark side of the picture,we can see some weaknesses in the game.There are some sound glitches in cut scenes and game’s checkpoint saving system isn’t much impressive. If you die when you are on a mission,you will be re spawned right from the beginning which sometimes can get annoying.

Story might not be the strongest point of the game but the gameplay  has got several features to overcome the average story.You will be riding helicopters,crashing cars, annihilating various enemy locations and much more.To me Just Cause 2 is a full of fun open world action blast which you can’t afford to miss.


Just Cause 2

Special agent Rico Rodriguez is as exciting as it could be in one of the most anticipated open-world action thrillers, Just Cause 2.