Step by Step Guide to Setup Ventrilo Private Server

Ventrilo is a free VoIP client where different users can chat with one another just like a telephone call conference.Ventrilo has gained fame among many gamers out there due to its efficient connectivity and reduced latency during voice chat.

If you are not impressed with Teamspeak then you should try this voice conferencing client.You can setup up your own Ventrilo server on your computer and test its performance.
Read the following simple steps to setup up your own Ventrilo server:

Step 1
Download the Ventrilo server client from their official website.Follow the link to download the client.Make sure that you download your operating system version of the client;  e.g Windows, Mac-OSx and Linux etc.
Click the “I Agree” button at the bottom of the page and your download will start.

Step 2
Now install the downloaded client on your hard drive.You need to press few next buttons and finally the finish button to complete the setup.No configuration is needed during installation.

Step 3
Now you need to edit the “VentSrv” file located in the directory of the installed Ventrilo client.Change the values as you see fit.


Name=Tobi Is a Good Boy

Phonetic here is the robotic sound.If you don’t want it the remove it from your file.

Auth refers to the method used by the users that connect to  your server.If its value is set to “0” then everyone can join your server and if set to “1” then users will need a password and if it is set to “2” then both username and password is required for login.

Duplicate is for allowing the duplicate usernames.”o” means no duplicate name is allowed.
I will suggest that you don’t change values of “Send Buffer” and “Receive Buffer” if you don’t know about them.These values set to  the size of the TCP outbound buffers.

Diag setting is for toggling the diagnostics for the developers.

CloseStd setting should be left as 1.It deals with the option for running server as background service.

TimeStamp is for tracing the time stamps of the messages.If it is turned on then you can easily know the exact time of all the messages through console.

PingRate is for how often does the server pings the client.If there is any problem then it will be notified to the client in the set value in seconds.It is 10 seconds by default.

Leave the ExtraBuffer value as it is as it is more than sufficient by default.

ChanWidth is to allow the total no. of channels that can be made in the server.

ChanDepth is for specifying the total no. of sub-channels in the main channel.

ChanClient is to specify the no. of clients in any channel.

Don’t change the value of VoiceCodec and

VoiceFormat as the server automatically selects the best available codec from the list.

SilentLobby is to allow or disable voice in the lobby.

Step 4
Now you need to start your Ventrilo server.Navigate to the the installed directory of Ventrilo server and execute the server file in the directory, simply by clicking the file.A console window will pop up showing your above settings.

This is what you will  have to do to setup a Ventrilo server of your own.

How to connect to a Ventrilo server
To connect to your or any other  Ventrilo server,you need to download and install the Ventrilo client from their website.Once you have installed the client,fill out your user name and then fill all the details in connection editor like server IP,password,port etc. Default port no. used is 3784.You can use the same or you can use a different port.

Whatever port you use, it must be forward if you are behind a router.

After filling all the fields click the connect button and you will be able to join the server.Its that simple, try it out and let us know if there are any problems faced by you.

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