How to Enable Third Person View in Left4Dead 2

In my Left4dead 2 autoexec.cfg guide, I covered all the basics on how you can edit and create autoexec.cfg’s for Left4dead 2. Now if you are one of those who really like to play Third Person game and want to do the same in case of Left4dead 2, you can read the following guide to play Left4dead 2 in third person mode.

Third Person view in Left4dead 2 allows you to shoot the infected with more accuracy.those who like to play third person shooters must try thi sview in the game.To apply this view,you need another cfg file named “thirdperson.cfg”.This config can be executed from your “Autoexec.cfg” in the following manner:

//Third Person Perspective with mouse wheel zoom [requires thirdperson.cfg] // ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
alias “defaultzoom” “zoom.40” //default zoom distance for thirdperson mousewheel zoom (change zoom.## to any multiple of 5 (30 – 200)
bind “MWHEELUP” “up” // thirdperson camera zoom up and firstperson weapon scroll
bind “MWHEELDOWN” “down” //thirdperson camera zoom down and firstperson weapon scroll
bind “q” “thirdpersonshoulder; togglezoom” // thirdpersonshoulder toggle bind (remove “togglezoom” to disable the mousewheel zoom feature)
exec “thirdperson.cfg” // thirperson zooming script
//bind “q” “lastinv” //last weapon used [Default]

Then in thirdperson.cfg,you should write:

// third-person shoulder mode with zooming

echo [ thirdperson.cfg LOADED ];

c_thirdpersonshoulderoffset 0;
c_thirdpersonshoulderaimdist 720;
c_thirdpersonshoulderheight 10;
c_thirdpersonshoulderdist 40;
cam_ideallag 0;
cam_idealdelta 4;
cam_idealpitch 0;
cam_idealyaw 0;

alias “alias up invprev; alias down invnext; alias togglezoom togglezoom.on; echo [thirdpersonshoulder mode off ]”;
alias togglezoom.on “alias up; alias down zoom.out; up; down; alias togglezoom; echo [thirdpersonshoulder mode on ]”;

alias zoom.25 “cam_idealdist 30; alias zoom.30; alias zoom.out zoom.30”;
alias zoom.30 “cam_idealdist 30; alias zoom.25; alias zoom.out zoom.35”;
alias zoom.35 “cam_idealdist 35; alias zoom.30; alias zoom.out zoom.40”;
alias zoom.40 “cam_idealdist 40; alias zoom.35; alias zoom.out zoom.45”;
alias zoom.45 “cam_idealdist 45; alias zoom.40; alias zoom.out zoom.50”;
alias zoom.50 “cam_idealdist 50; alias zoom.45; alias zoom.out zoom.55”;
alias zoom.55 “cam_idealdist 55; alias zoom.50; alias zoom.out zoom.60”;
alias zoom.60 “cam_idealdist 60; alias zoom.55; alias zoom.out zoom.65”;
alias zoom.65 “cam_idealdist 65; alias zoom.60; alias zoom.out zoom.70”;
alias zoom.70 “cam_idealdist 70; alias zoom.65; alias zoom.out zoom.75”;
alias zoom.75 “cam_idealdist 75; alias zoom.70; alias zoom.out zoom.80”;
alias zoom.80 “cam_idealdist 80; alias zoom.75; alias zoom.out zoom.85”;
alias zoom.85 “cam_idealdist 85; alias zoom.80; alias zoom.out zoom.90”;
alias zoom.90 “cam_idealdist 90; alias zoom.85; alias zoom.out zoom.95”;
alias zoom.95 “cam_idealdist 95; alias zoom.90; alias zoom.out zoom.100”;
alias zoom.100 “cam_idealdist 100; alias zoom.95; alias zoom.out zoom.105”;
alias zoom.105 “cam_idealdist 105; alias zoom.100; alias zoom.out zoom.110”;
alias zoom.110 “cam_idealdist 110; alias zoom.105; alias zoom.out zoom.115”;
alias zoom.115 “cam_idealdist 115; alias zoom.110; alias zoom.out zoom.120”;
alias zoom.120 “cam_idealdist 120; alias zoom.115; alias zoom.out zoom.125”;
alias zoom.125 “cam_idealdist 125; alias zoom.120; alias zoom.out zoom.130”;
alias zoom.130 “cam_idealdist 130; alias zoom.125; alias zoom.out zoom.135”;
alias zoom.135 “cam_idealdist 135; alias zoom.130; alias zoom.out zoom.140”;
alias zoom.140 “cam_idealdist 140; alias zoom.135; alias zoom.out zoom.145”;
alias zoom.145 “cam_idealdist 145; alias zoom.140; alias zoom.out zoom.150”;
alias zoom.150 “cam_idealdist 150; alias zoom.145; alias zoom.out zoom.155”;
alias zoom.155 “cam_idealdist 155; alias zoom.150; alias zoom.out zoom.160”;
alias zoom.160 “cam_idealdist 160; alias zoom.155; alias zoom.out zoom.165”;
alias zoom.165 “cam_idealdist 165; alias zoom.160; alias zoom.out zoom.170”;
alias zoom.170 “cam_idealdist 170; alias zoom.165; alias zoom.out zoom.175”;
alias zoom.175 “cam_idealdist 175; alias zoom.170; alias zoom.out zoom.180”;
alias zoom.180 “cam_idealdist 180; alias zoom.175; alias zoom.out zoom.185”;
alias zoom.185 “cam_idealdist 185; alias zoom.180; alias zoom.out zoom.190”;
alias zoom.190 “cam_idealdist 190; alias zoom.185; alias zoom.out zoom.195”;
alias zoom.195 “cam_idealdist 195; alias zoom.190; alias zoom.out zoom.200”;
alias zoom.200 “cam_idealdist 200; alias zoom.195; alias zoom.out zoom.205”;
alias zoom.205 “cam_idealdist 200; alias zoom.200; alias zoom.out zoom.200”;; c_thirdpersonshoulder 0;

This will enable the Third Person view in Left4dead 2 on loading the cfg, if you face any issues regarding that you can ask in comments and we will try our best to resolve it.