How to Play StarCraft II Beta Singleplayer Offline

Wouldn’t it be amazing to play Starcraft II beta as single player? surely it would be. But is it possible? yes it is, as this simple  guide will help you play Starcraft II beta in offline mode.Now without wasting any further time let us begin with the guide.

Step 1
Download the game if you don’t have it already.You can try various torrents like this one.If you have the game installed on your PC then download this LazyLauncher patch.
Your antivirus might detect a Torjan but the file actually does not contain any.Let the extraction be completed and you will get an executable file after extraction.

Step 2
Now you need to download the AI map pack.You can download it from here.Unpack these maps anywhere in your drive.

Step 3
Now download all the difficulties level for the game.You can download one you like:

Very Easy
Very Hard

Step 4
Now launch the game once and let it be updated.After the update is complete,close the game.

Step 5
Now launch the “LazyLauncher” you downloaded above. Guide the opened interface to the location where you have extracted the maps earlier.Choose the map of your choice.

That’s it,the game will load and you will be able to play StarCraft II offline with AI. If you are not interested in playing only with AI then wait for the official release of the full game.