Guide to Play Dirt 2 over Hamachi/Tunngle

I have already covered How you can play GFW(Games For Windows Live) over Hamachi and Tunngle. my focus would be to guide you on how you can  play Dirt 2 over Hamachi and Tunngle. Follow these steps and in few minutes you will be playing this racing thriller with your friends without any fuss of Windows Live.

Step 1|Download the Multiplayer Lan Fix
First you need to download Lan Fix by TeknoGods, download it via this link.It contains a loader and two registry files, one is for Hamachi and other is for Tunngle.

If you have any loader previous than this version than you will have to delete the old dll files “App_Init_dlls”.

Step 2|Extract the Files
You can extract these files anywhere in your hard drive and it is not necessary at all that you place these files in your game folder. Double click the respected registry file i.e if you are a Hamachi user use “ConnectionOverrideHamachi” and if you are a Tunngle user than use the other file named “ConnectionOverrideTunngle”. Keep both the files; the loader file and the registry file in the same folder.

Step3|For Host
Now launch Dirt 2. If you are hosting the game then all you need to do is just host and wait for your other friends to join.

Step 4|Joining Game
Those who want to connect to your hosted game need to minimize their game by pressing “Alt+Tab” key and start the TeknoGods loader(DLLLoad) file present in the files you extracted from teknogods crack earlier.You can also start the loader first and then launch the game but I will suggest that you do it afterward by  minimizing your game.

Step 5|Establishing Connection
Now before you connect with the host in the lobby,you need to press F12 for a successful connection.This actually overrides the ping limit set by developers and allows you to connect by creating a fake ping.

Step 6|Turn Off Fake Pinger
Once you are connected press F12 again (which turns off the ping faker) so that it won’t eat up your resources and you experience less lag without any crashes.

Have fun playing one of best rally games of the year and if you face problems, feel free to ask.