Unlock The Resident Evil 5 “Lost in Nightmares” Classic Camera

Lost in Nightmares, the first DLC for Resident Evil 5 has been released and is available for both Xbox 360 and PSN. Originally part of the game, this added chapter was cut down to keep the consistency of your Co Op partner.

You “Chris Redfield” will team up with “Jill Valentine” from previous titles in this DLC against persistent villain Albert Wesker. The story more like touches a flashback featured in the original game but is good enough to keep the players intrigue for most of the chapter. The quality of the downloadable content and added Mercenaries Reunion mode featuring new playable characters is good enough for the price they have asked if you are a follower of the franchise.

Anyway there is another hidden bonus that comes with this DLC and that is the classic camera angle that was used in the previous titles. And how you can unlock is rather easy:

“Talk to the front door couple of times till it says “?” instead of investigate”

Have fun..