Command and Conquer 3:Tiberium Wars Hamachi Guide

Following tutorial will help you playing Command & Conquer 3:Tibarium Wars over Hamachi. Currently, frequent timeouts in lobby and at initial stages of the game has been big problem while playing this game over Hamachi.

No reliable fix has been released yet but I will be discussing some tips that might help you playing this game successfully over Hamachi.
Follow these simple steps to establish a connection using Hamachi:

Step 1
Create a network on Hamachi.

Step 2
Invite your friends and players whom you want to play with and make sure that everyone can ping each other on Hamachi.

Step 3
Now start the game.

Step 4
Create a lobby in the network options and let others join it using your Hamachi IP.Start the game when battle scenario has been selected and all players are ready to play.

Step 5
If the game does not loads or it gets timed out in the lobby then you should try the following steps to get rid of this:

How to get get rid of connection timeout?(FAQS)

1. High bandwidth consumption is the reason behind these timeouts.So you should minimize the uploads on you connection to avoid this problem.
2. While playing this game you should disconnect yourself from all other Hamachi networks.
3. To play on dedicated networks,you must have the latest patch i.e 1.05 but this latest patch gives frequent timeouts than the previous patches.So I won’t recommend that you play the game using this patch unless you have a  good upload speed.
4. While on the lobby, if you are affected by these frequent disconnections, try to regularly send a message on the chat box.This sounds logical as idleness can be the cause of this disconnection.

Well that should help you solving your problem.If you are still unable to play this game over Hamachi then feel free to ask.We are here to help you out 🙂