How to Play Age of Mythology Online On Tunngle

This ensemble studio fiction based realtime strategy master piece built on first ever 3D graphics engine in the series, is a treat for any RTS games fan. With its blend of civilizations featuring a mix of traits yet distinguished from each other and an all new 3D graphics engine are few reasons, to make it must play for every gamer for a long time.

Age of Mythology deviate from the usual path of the series to the fictional side of things. And  does great by combining all the elements of the fictional mythical warfare to provide gamers with engaging experience to the game. Back in the day it was a must play game for everyone, even now after all new RTS games out in the wild, its a game to play for a change.

But to play it on virtual LAN online using VPN software like tunngle, you will have to somehow bind its IP to the game which tends to pick the default IP everytime.  Other things are pretty simplistic, anyway here’s a step by step guide to play age of mythology online on tunngle.

How to Play Age of Mythology On Tunngle

Step 1
Update your game to the latest version of the game.

Step 2
Log into Tunngle, and Join Age of Mythology room under Strategy.

Step 3
Now disconnect your internet network adapter, while you are still logged into Tunngle. Yes leave Tunngle on and disconnect your internet connection, and everyone has to do that, client and the host.

Step 4
Launch the game, and Host. Now you will see your default IP address replaced by the Tunngle IP which is what we did Step 3 for. Client launches the game, go to network games, proceeds to Step 5 and waits for the host to get back online.

Step 5
ALT+TAB to desktop and enable/reconnect your internet adapter. Tunngle will reconnect itself .Everyone needs to do this disconnect or you won’t be able to play the game on Tunngle. Now you will be able to see the game hosted by your friend in network games, join the game and have fun.

Portforward UDP 11155 on your router.
Allow Tunngle through Firewall.
Disconnecting your internet adapter is necessary or your IP will revert back to your default “”.