How to Play Street Fighter IV (PC) Online On Hamachi/Tunngle

Think about fighting games and the first name that comes to your mind will be, Street Fighter. One of the classic arcade games of its time, now been published on consoles and finally PC.

Street Fighter II being one of the legendary games in the series, won the hearts of the current generation, and delivered most addictive gaming experience, making it hard to forget.

I still remember playing Street Fighter 2 for hours and the beating I always got from my parents due to excessive gaming  :D, good old days.
Although the sequel to this legendary game was not a hit by far but Capcom won the gamers again with Street Fighter IV.

For PC gamers although we get everything late but, atleast we got this beast of a fighting game on PC so, I have no complaints about it whatsoever. All I care is now I can also play it with my friends online using a SFIVonline tool developed by some Chinese independent developers.

Which enable you to play Street Fighter IV online with your friends using any VPN adapter, like Hamachi.

How to Play Street Fighter IV (PC) Online

What you Need ?
1. Installed Street Fighter IV.
2. VPN Adapter, Tunngle/Hamachi or any other.
3. SF4onlineV2 Tool.

Now Follow the instructions below to play Street Fighter IV online with your friends using your favorite virtual private network adapter, for simplicity we will be using Tunngle here.


Step 1
Download SF4online V2 tool, and extract all the files into your Street Fighter IV game folder.

Step 2
Now in case of Tunngle, you and your friend need to log into Tunngle and join Street Fighter IV room. You can find Street Fighter listed in Sports category of games.
In case of Hamachi, create a network, and ask your friends to join that network.

Step 3
Both players launch “sf4online.exe”.

Step 4
Now player1 adds the player2 Tunngle IP, and this will send a request to the player2, player1 is the host and player2 is the client here.

Step 5
Player2 accept the request.

Step 6
When player2 accepts the request, it will send a confirmation return request back to player1, accept the return request.

If everything is fine, Street Fighter IV will be launched, the program will automatically skip the movie cut scenes and press the required key presses.

Step 7
After a minute or so, you will be at character selection screen. Here player1 need to hold back till player2 joins the game and moves his cursor for character selection, only then player1 can initiate his cursor and select the character.

So basically you will have to wait for the client to join the game and select his fighting character, before you the host can do anything or select your fighting character.

General Issues
1. Client may experience high lag which may make the game unfair so in order to reduce that put graphics to low, and framerate to fixed under game options.
2. Do not use any controller, because online tool only allows keyboard. Game may crash if you do try to attach  Xbox360 or some other controller.
The client, player2 must start the game and move cursor first on the character selection screen that is mandatory. If player1 or host moves first, it will crash the game.
3. Both players disable the Xfire because it may cause problems or crash the game.
4. If you get black screen while trying to play Street Fighter IV online, bad luck because there is not any fix to that as of now, if you find any do let us know.

This may works for few but not for others, the tool itself is an alpha version so don’t expect miracles but for those it works, have fun playing Street Fighter IV online with your friends.
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