James Cameron’s Avatar:The Game Lacks the Essentials

By   /   Jan 19, 2010

Not every game based on the concept of a great movie is a hit.Avatar:The Game is another such example. Movie is being liked a lot all over the world but what about its game? Well, to be honest Ubisoft has failed to transform it successfully into a good action thriller.

The game begins with your arrival at Pandora but it does not have the same storyline as the movie.You, acting as a guy named Ryder start things up with simple missions and quests.

Your avatar is formed at the initial stages of the game. Almost after an hour of game play, you are given a choice to play between two roles either as a human representing RDA or as an Alien fighting for Na’vi betraying humans.

Both the campaigns can take your 12-15 hours on a rough estimate.Two separate campaigns might look cool but believe me they are not.

Sequence of event in both the campaigns isn’t that appealing either.Weapon aiming is pathetic with average melee attacks.Close range combat isn’t that effective too, with camera movement being below average.

Sound and dialogue delivery is also below average which makes this game lacking the basic essentials for an action video game.

So here I ask where is all the hard work developers have done? well they certainly worked hard to put the eye candies out in place while designing Pandora. It is no doubt detailed and presents a charming look but not sufficient enough for me to neglect the pathetic gameplay.

Multiplayer of the game also does not contain any exciting unique features. Same old death match and capture the flag modes are included with players divided into Na’ve and RDA teams.If you didn’t like the gameplay of single player then you are gonna hate its multiplayer too.

Just a little more work on the gameplay might have done wonders for them. So James Cameron’s Avatar: The Game is an average action shooter with some eye catching graphics matching the movie standards but lacking the essentials of a good action video game.


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