Gears of War (PC) Online Tunngle Guide

Gears Of War is a game that needs no description.It’s unique intensified shooting environment and gameplay is hell addictive. It’s multiplayer is awesome and coop story mode allows you to enjoy the same story online with your friends.
You don’t have to play Gears of War on lagy Microsoft servers, and if you don’t have to then it obviously means we have a solution and that is Tunngle. So lets get down to how you can play Gears of War coop on tunngle.

How to Play Gears of War Co Op on Tunngle

Step 1
First things first,you should have Gears Of War installed in your PC.Make sure that the game is patched to resolve the expired certificate issue and you have the latest patch for the game.

Step 2
Now you need to Gears of War Tunngle Co Op and Registry Fix, which will override the default 30 ping limit set by Microsoft and also has the Tunngle registry fix. (Updated: 20/8/2010)

Step 3
After you have downloaded the patch,you need patch the game with it so that you can play it through Tunngle. Run the “TU file” included in the downloaded folder by double clicking it .

Step 4
Once you have run the “TU file”, run the other file named “TU3” in the same folder.Copy all the files included in patch folder to your game directory and overwrite if necessary.

Step 5
Once you have done the above four steps, your game is ready to be played on Tunngle. Login Tunngle and join Gears of War channel,If you have entered the room successfully, you will be able to see the hosted games in the coop as well as versus mode and will be able to join them.

How To Change Your Nick For Gears of War Co Op?

Don’t worry if your nick in the game is displayed as “player 1”.It can be changed easily. Download XVI32 editor and go to the following file:

“C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Gears of War\WarGame\CookedPC”

Backup file named “OnlineSubsystemPC” to be on the safe side before editing it. Now open the file named “OnilneSubsystem.u” with the hex editor and locate Player1 line in the text.

You can use the text finder to find it by pressing “Ctrl+F”.Change the name according to your desire.

One thing that must be kept in mind is that your nick must consist of 7 characters.If your nick is of less then 7 characters then use spaces to fill the character space e.g your nick is “noob” then put 3 spaces after “noob” like “noob<space><space><space>” and close the file to save the changes.Now you will be able to see your chosen nick in game.