Halo 2 (PC) Tunngle/Hamachi Guide

Apart from being merely a console port to the popular Xbox game, Halo 2 doesn’t offer anything new to the gamers who already have played it on their consoles. Improved graphics and Games for Windows live integration were not the features that could inspire this relatively out dated console port.

Anyway this Vista only game was finally launched on PC and back in the day was a treat to PC gamers who had not played the game on consoles.But Halo 2 couldn’t get much popularity for several reasons, few of them already mentioned.

Quite frankly with so much games around no one really plays it online now in Microsoft servers. In any case if you want to play it online you can configure free hamachi like virtual private network adapter to play it LAN online with your friends. We will be using Tunngle for that, why ? because its the easy, relatively.

How to Play Halo 2 PC Online Using Tunngle

Step 1
Update Halo 2 for PC to latest patch as well as Install latest Games For Windows Live.

Step 2
Download TeknoGods beta, Games For Windows Live Fix.

Step 3
Extract TeknoGods archive and put all the files into your Halo game directory. “D:/Microsoft Games/Halo 2”

Step 4
Run DllLoader.exe.

Step 5
Load Tunngle and go to Halo game network. You will find the network if you browse through shooter list of Tunngle networks.

Step 6
Launch Hal02, go to Settings and under Network Settings, make sure Tunngle adapter is selected. Now back out to the main menu and press Home button to make sure Tunngle is their as your Network Adapter.

Step 7
At Main Menu go to Network to host/join your friends created game.

Use the latest TeknoGods Beta.
Make sure you and your friend have the same version of the game.
Make sure Tunngle is selected as Network adapter in game.
Download Halo 2 registry to make things easy for you.