Most Anticipated PC FPS Games of 2010

2009 was a descent year for gaming and provided us some unforgettable titles. For fps fans too, games like L4d2 and COD MW2 finished off things in style.Now the question is, What 2010 has got for us “FPS FANS” ? Well there are some promising titles coming our way this year and it may provide us with the best of FPS PC game in years to come. Keeping this in context we have compiled a list of most anticipated fps games that are expected to be released this year on PC. Have a look at these stunning titles:

1. Battlefield Bad Company 2

Activision left many of their fans in fury in 2009.They showed their chaotic attitude towards PC gamers and did not provide any dedicated server support in MW2.Most of the gamers boycotted the game and are looking for EA’s Battlefield Bad Company 2.

This game has got all the features to overtake Activision’s COD MW2.Game has got dedicated server support and is all set to win hearts of FPS fans. It will be released on PS3,Xbox360 and PC in March this year.You can’t afford to miss this one as a FPS fan. A TOTAL FPS EXPERIENCE…

2. Bioshock 2

Bioshock earned hell of fame in FPS category last year.This year,this horror FPS is back with some interesting changes and some new puzzles.The most exciting thing about Bioshock 2 is that multiplayer has been included in the game this time. So get yourself ready for Bioshock 2 coming your way February this year.

3. Crysis 2

Are you ready to experience the power of CryEngine 3? This time Crysis will be more refined in graphics and gameplay.Game will use DX 11 which will certainly make environment more eye catching and realistic.If your PC had troubles running Crysis then you should start thinking for an upgrade as Crysis 2 gonna need some power to perform even on normal graphic settings.

4. Rage

Rage is powered by Id Tech 5 which is a relatively new engine made by John Carmack. Id software is coming back after a long time with a FPS and hopefully they will turn this title into a memorable one. Some racing has also been included in the game with FPS action which may make it a nice blend of two different categories.

5. Medal of Honor

Although there is not much we know about the upcoming title of ever admired Medal Of Honor series.But we surely know it won’t be based on World War. It will be based on Modern Warfare making it another strong contender against Activision. Moreover, its multiplayer is being developed by DICE who developed the trademark Battlefield series.So we can expect good things in both the story mode and the multiplayer.

6. Postal 3
Controversy has followed Postal series everywhere.Every game was banned in several countries due to it’s violence like Manhunt.This time developers of Postal are determined to rock the stage without facing any controversy with their upcoming sequel titled as Postal 3. Game is expected to be released in Q2 of this year.

7. Alien Vs Predator

Game’s original gameplay has been refined this time with a new engine.Game will support DX 11 features which should improve character details and environment textures and is expected to be released any time in Q1 this year.

8. Deus X 3

Deus takes you to the future with it’s original flavor maintained in the game. Graphics of the game appear nice by looking at its concept art and screen shots. Sadly,we don’t have much information about this game as developers haven’t revealed any of it.

All these FPS games are set to blow your mind this year. If any FPS you think as one of the best FPS coming in 2010, is missing here suggest in comments.