Games For Windows Live LAN Hamachi/Tunngle Fix

If you want to play Games For Windows Live games online on LAN (Hamachi or Tunngle), you will need to patch your game with TeknoGods DLL which will enable following games on hamachi or Tunngle.

  • Dawn of War II
  • Grand Theft Auto 4
  • Shadowrun
  • Battlestations Pacific
  • Halo2
  • Quantum of Solace
  • Hour of Victory
  • Universe At War: Earth Assault
  • Section 8
  • Red Faction: Guerilla
  • Resident Evil 5
  • Lost Planet Extreme Condition Colonies Edition
  • Colin McRae: Dirt 2

Now lets get things started:

Step 1
Download the TeknoGods Fix. It contains a loader and two registry files.One is for Hamachi and other is for Tunngle.

Step 2
You can extract these files anywhere in your hard drive and it is not necessary at all that you place these files in your game folder.Double click the respected registry file i.e if you are a Hacmachi user use “ConnectionOverrideHamachi” and if you are a Tunngle user than use the other file named “ConnectionOverrideTunngle”

Step 3(Hosting)
Now launch the game you need to play.If you are hosting the game then all you need to do is just host and wait for your other friends to join.

Step 4(Joining game)
Those who want to connect to your hosted game need to minimize their game by pressing “Alt+Tab” key and start the TeknoGods loader(DLLLoad) file present in the files you unzipped earlier.You can also start the loader first and then launch the game but i will suggest that you do it afterward by minimizing your game.

Step 5
Now before you connect with the host in the lobby,you need to press F12 for a successful connection.This actually overrides the ping limit set by developers and allows you to connect by creating a fake ping.

Step 6
Once you are connected press F12 again(which turns off the ping faker) so that it won’t eat up your resources and you experience less lag without any crashes.

It’s that simple.You can enjoy playing your favorite games with your friends online without any fuss. Do let us know if you are facing any problems playing games for windows live on hamachi or tunngle.